People you meet in PvP

You know what I've noticed?  Maybe it was just today, but it seems like the people with the lower health, doing less damage are the biggest whingers in battlegrounds.  Take for example, this rogue that was leading our Gilneas battle.  He told us to go waterworks, but we never go waterworks, and half the raid was our party anyway, and this is how we normally do it, so we just did our usual thing.  So we all ran over there and the whole Alliance raid was standing around the flag, not doing anything.  It was strange, and then Sev pointed out that the entire raid was from the same server, so probably they were going to rush something.  The rogue spent the whole time complaining about how horde never listens and that's why we lose... and I'm looking at him and his 125k health.... and then the shaman starts joining on how horde are losers... yes, that shaman who turned out to be on the bottom of the damage done...

We pointed out to them that the whole group was some kind of premade likely trying for an achievement, and both of them said "Make sure you defend on your flags, with good defence we can win this."  Yeah, well, I had quickly clicked through the health of the few alliance that were there and they were in the 150k health range which probably means they are full PVE gear, or at least not in full Cata Glad gear.  So I had my hopes up.  There was another good warlock in that BG, and he was doing some really great defending.

Frosties were defending waterworks when the rush came.  And we managed to fend them off.  I don't think they were seasoned PvPers because they let their healer get bashed to death.  But, it didn't matter, it was too late for them and they couldn't uncap us so we won.
Then there was another battleground with whinging people (I forget what they were now - more low health peeps) and when we lose our caps they moaned "Come ON guys, could you defend?"  "Geez, you guys are bad..."

I felt like bitchslapping them.  Do I look like a PvP noob to you?  I was defending my flag but hey healer vs DK/hunter isn't going to go down well!    Tacky was happy because we did a few BGs with him and he got all wins!

While we were waiting in Org, there was a funny graphic error, and Lushnek was the only one who saw it and sent it to me.  Shab wasn't looking to healthy in my bike apparently.

We only had one bad BG, and that was an AB.  Abyssmal!  And of course, the low health players were the big whingers and yellers in bg chat.  All our other ABs were good comfortable wins, I think we had at least one 5 cap.  Saw Peanut in one of them actually.  I whispered a few people telling them nice work on some of the difficult recaps and one of them was so funny - a hunter.  He was in 2 of our BGs.  I said "Nice to see that awesome hunter again, you did a great job at stables 2 games ago" and he said "Aww thanks, you're giving my diabetes you're so sweet. /blush"

Wow.  Never heard that line before but I liked it.  But the second time I wasn't as impressed with him because he was fighting on the road in AB. Bleh.

But our last game, a WSG, was nice because I got an achievement woot!  The battle in the flagroom was pretty amazing and full on - I had run with Lushnek for the first flag and been unable to get out of the flagroom since a massive Alliance influx came and Aza was there beating them up for me and saving me, and Sev had picked up the flag (he and Shab had killed the EFC) and was needling me for some heals, but this stupid DK on me would not leave me alone so I couldn't get out (and I had no mana!) so when he died I ran out but by then Sev was in the tunnel, and Lush yelled for me to come back in to stop them getting to the flag, and we managed to stomp that poor mage and Sev capped.  Lushnek capped the last flag and that was a nice finish to the evening!


  1. That know-it-all pipsqueek of a rogue was so annoying! Felt like strapping him in a motorcycle side car and driving off with his head dragging along the ground :P

  2. Hey chick on a sexy bike!


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