Oops, last week's Blog Azeroth shared topic - Rename WoW

I forgot to publish my Shared Topic for last week which was suggested by Frinka of Warcraft St:

Knowing what you know now about the game, what name other than World of Warcraft would you give it? Why?
Even WowInsider got into this topic!

Most people agreed that Warcraft should be in the title, since it was based on the Warcraft races, but I thought a more amusing take on this topic would be some of the names... that I have called this game in times of ah... frustration.

World of Wastetimecraft is what I call this game when I'm doing things like archaeology, fishing, or camping rares.  I have been known to call this game World of F***wits when I had some bad trolling in a dungeon or a BG or LFR.

World of Dressupcraft is what I usually refer WoW as as when I'm talking about transmog and costumes.  And of course, Facebook Azeroth is what it has been heading towards with all these realID things and friending people and leaving little "status" messages.  But, if you ask me, I think this game is heading towards the World of Pokecraft come Mists of Pandaria.

What have you guys been calling it lately? :D


  1. Damn Girl so hard to even think of another name and chances are its prolly been thought up, done or trademarked That it prolly awaiting a slap-yo-in-the-butt.

    That honestly is a hard one.. I give ya kudos on this post. haha

  2. @Nightvyxen - haha thanks! :D I think someone said Heroes of Azeroth and that wasn't too bad a name.

  3. Heroes of Azeroth is actually the name of the first WoW TCG set, lol =)

  4. I saw this topic but as hard as I tried I couldn't think of anything that wasn't rude, lol. World of Trollcraft, Dodging Jackpoles was all I got. Oh and World of RNG Hell comes to mind. I guess I wasn't in a positive mood!

  5. @arv - oh well strike that name off then...
    @TotA - lol rude names seem to be all I could get too


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