Ooh new chibi art in the mix! Blood Elf Paladin McTacky

Sleepingfox is so swamped with commissions that she can't do all our guild Chibis so the lovely Tandolcedeco did one for him and here it is!  He looks a little cheeky if you ask me!

Behold, McTacky, the Blood Knight!  He is wearing Dark Iron Shoulders, Leggings, and Bracers, Inferno Tempered Chestguard, Gauntlets and Boots, Faceguard of Determination and the Blood Knight tabard.


  1. Awww so cute one! Me love!!

  2. I love it Navi! I truly adore how it looks!

  3. McTacky really does look very cheeky, yet cute!

  4. Looks like the cute but impish kid you'd want to keep your eyes on all the time while they were at your house. :P Once again, lucky you!

  5. cheeky, cutie Macktacky... where do you get this art???


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