Old faces, new faces, famous faces

Execute is back in the guild, and Shumii was online on his prettily named hunter Flowersong.  I had to check whose alt it was when he said hi to me in guild chat.  So I was pleased to see Shumii, who is always so helpful - wondering if he was coming back for Mists.  I don't think he or Exe are excited to about it by the way.  Anyway, Shumii said that there was someone looking for me earlier, about 2 hours ago.  I asked him who it was.  He said that his name was Rioriel.

I nearly fell of my chair, and I yelled OMG in guild chat.  I did a /who but Rio wasn't online so I got onto twitter and sent him a message.

And next thing you know, he was sending me a tell!  I went over to see him and took a photo with him on his orc mage.

I called Cymre to get online so she could talk to Rio as well, and they got chatting as well.  It was pretty cool!  I invited Rio as a social to my guild and he got a warm welcome from everyone.  Poor Rio, I told everyone he was famous!  He took it all in stride though - he must be used to that famous thing /grin

Hung with Arv a bit too, but BGs were awful, so after a few wins and more losses, we called it a day.  We were playing with Az and one of his realID friends and Exe.  Exe was... either high or stoned or drunk because he was saying some really weird things!  But at least he smashed those cowardly rogues who were attacking me!

Then he and I did Strat live and undead but though I had rares love, I didn't have any mount love.  So Arv was cheering me up by bringing out all his cool toys.

Meeting of the guild heralds

En garde!

Bubble gum and statue stand

We tried to 2 man ToC but that jousting thing is so hard!  So we did it with Souglyy and Roshii and that was a lot easier, and we were going for the The Faceroller, and I forgot that I can dispel now (thought only pallies and priests could do it for some reason) and so we slowly got there and Arv and Souglyy got the achievement.  Yay!  Arv showed Roshii his cool toys - the Ethereal ones - which Roshii admired greatly.  I didn't know about the ethereal portal, but Roshii was all OMG over it.  I like the trader, I wish I could buy the ethereal costume so I can dress up like a mummy!  What a great halloween costume that would be!


  1. It was nice to catch up with Rio but seems I missed Arv again. Looks like he has some of my fav toys too.

  2. See, Navi, you're famous, too! :D

  3. Always fun times running with you and the Frostees, lol. =)

  4. @Cymre - I have never seen you on the same time he's on yet...
    @Kamalia - Where's that fortune that comes with fame? :P
    @Arv - and always fun running with you too Arv :)

  5. Rio's a Frostwolf now! Dath'Remar is the place to be! I'll have to look I think I still have a character there I made to look for you but it was the wrong time of day.


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