Ninevi, my alliance twin

I still think that Ninevi of Flask Half Empty is my alter-twin.  Her name sounds suspiciously like Navimie (well at least it rhymes) and she plays a druid and likes those silly little things in WoW.  Actually, come to think of it, there are a lot of people who like those things... so maybe that's not something so special after all.

She recently revealed some things about herself doing Ambermists's challenge.  This one I thought was rather cute - she collects fortunes from fortune cookies!  It made a really awesome pic.

With that fortune showing, I decided to go meet Ninevi, because it would make ME happy, and maybe she would be happy too!  I made a toon that would NOT get us confused as twins... could you guess what I chose?

Well, I'll give you a hint, Ninevi recently switched to a female Worgen druid...

... so the opposite of that, I thought was a male Dwarf rogue.  With red hair.

It's very disconcerting seeing my name over a dwarf.  A male dwarf.  An alliance male dwarf.  Wait, that's a stupid thing to say, as there are no horde dwarves.  But anyway, there I was.  It's very odd.

One of Ninevi's favourite spots is Dalaran, and I have to agree there are so many things to see in Dalaran.  We went to the alliance inn which I have very rarely visited.  I was quite excited and they even have a BEER GARDEN!!

Did some mucking around in the fountain...

And then Ninevi got out her sandbox tiger for me to play!  Unfortunately somebody came along and jumped onto it - a horde person of some sort.  Waaaah!  But they soon got bored of it and I could play with it :)

 Ninevi used to hoard Noggenfogger.  So I had to take a pic of her playing with it.

Time for some cake.  Ninevi bought some cakes for us to share from Aimee, but I forgot that I'm too low level to eat it.  However, I can take a slice though, so it is the thought that counts!

I had a fantastic time meeting Ninevi.  I took her around to see all the dorky things I love about Dalaran (like NPCs named after people) and we danced later and laughed at the Worgen Macarena.  She was as cute and lovely as she writes on her blog!

Welcome to the crazy world of the Navispammed Ninevi!


  1. I'm happy to see this visit wasn't a dangerous one!

  2. Awww, yay! :D It was so fun and so cool that you came by to visit, even if it were in the form of a red-bearded Dwarven male rogue. Hope you were able to get some sleep after the fun! I shall have to come by and meet the real Navi sometime, hehe!

    (And I'm not evil, even if I'm Ally and look like the Big Bad Wolf...I swear! T_T lol)

    1. I am laughing at the Big Bad Wolf image... maybe subconsciously I was trying to recreate Little Red with my red haired dwarf!

  3. Grats on more pics. Looks like a lot of fun ensued!

    Navi's stalking skill has incrased to 525 :P


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