New Rares This Week

It was a lucky day in Stratholme today!

Tacky first alerted me that Duke Ragereaver was wandering around, and I didn't have that one and I couldn't recall who that was until he told me where it was - I have only seen that rare before, dead!  So I asked him to take a pic as I was in a BG.  But when I got out, it was still alive so I rushed over and took some pics but a BG popped so it was ruining my pic. Anyway, when I got out of that second BG I got the opportunity to take more pictures so here is the best one.  He looks a bit like a girl to me.

Then Arv was hanging with me and we went into Live side and saw Hearthsinger Forresten!  Lucky Arv didn't 1 hit AOE him when we were doing stuff.  I got my pic and gave Arv the Piccolo.  I can't believe he didn't have that!

Then once we cleared it we came out and he saw ANOTHER rare, but because we'd finished live side, the NPCs were beating up on him.  So how cool was that!  I like Skul's boots by the way.


  1. I don't think 'Duchess' Ragereaver has the same impact.


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