My mate Cate

I got to meet another blogger today - Joubran of Pint Sized Paladin!  We swapped realIDs and I went over to check her out on her server.

This is her favourite spot in Org.  She likes to overlook the pools!

Someone had gotten their legendary staff, so I went to go watch.  Joubran told me to listen to the music, and I had never listened to it before!  It was beautiful, and epic!  I didn't even know it had music!

Then I thought I should meet her on my main so we zoned into an instance together.  It's kinda dark here in Ragefire Chasm...


  1. I love you Navimie! Thank you for visiting me! Awwww I'm really so grateful for this post, you always remember me :*

  2. No one knows where Navi will strike next!

    1. Wait, I know! Or is that not counted....


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