Murkimus the Gladiator

I got an SMS from Shabadu saying he got his, whilst I was watching The Dark Knight Rises and I couldn't wait to get home to look at my inbox to see if I got mine as well.

Murkimus is our reward from doing arena tournament.

So there it was in my inbox!  I was very excited.  I learned the pet... wow there's an achievement for it too (prolly more a FoS)

And then I tried to find the pet in my companion tag... I couldn't.  I relogged and I still couldn't find it.  And then I checked my armory and I couldn't find it.  Hmm weird.  It's almost 2am and maybe I've got tired eyes but I'll look again tomorrow.  I wonder where it is...

I put a ticket in.  I wonder if I'm just being a twit or something ... still can't find it...

Edit:  OMG how embarrassing.  Here is my Murkimus!

So.  Maybe I should look in my bags to check that I've learned the damn thing before I put a ticket in.  I look like such an idiot.  But hey, the icon of it looks like the argent tournament thing so that's one reason why... but really, no excuse ><


  1. Thanks Cym! I still can't find it though...

  2. Grats on the pet! I bet he'd look awesome in Pet Battles!

  3. Oh! I kept looking at the screen shot wondering where he was. I hope you get it sorted out tomorrow so you can finally have a look at him.

    1. I'm hoping nobody notices my edit too much beyond the picture...

  4. Replies
    1. I know right. OMG. Facepalm moment.


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