More Rated BG practice - observations

Rated BGs have attracted a lot of people's attention.  Falln came back to join us because he heard we were having such a blast PvPing.  That thrilled me to bits - it was good to have a tank.  Though when he tanked up I did cringe a bit - he had the same health as Sev or Az.  But he wasn't in full Cata gear either, something to work on.

Shab was already PvPing with Jinj and Parm, so they were excited to go.  Lush was on, and Falln and myself and Tacky and then Sev logged on so I had 5 people ready to go.  Az was with Souglyy and Roshii doing instances so he was a bit busy.

We warmed up with a double group queue and got WSG.  It was easy and Falln got Ironman out of it as well.  That was pretty swell and he seemed chuffed.

Then we had difficulty queueing into the same BG and Jinj and Falln both went into diff BGs, whilst the rest of us left queues.  Gutsy came over, McTacky had to leave and we got Arashi and Jinj's mage friend Gimped as well.

The first rated BG we got was against a team who was rated at 1900.  Ouch.  The intercept in the middle with tank and me off to get flag didn't work as one DPS peel was enough to keep us occupied and away from the flagroom.  Next time we might have to play it as a Zerg.  That was a pretty abyssmal match and Gutsy and Lushnek were a bit despondent over being farmed and the other team outcapping us.  But I learned something, so I hope next time I can improve on that.

Our next game was Arathi basin - my favourite!  And we won!  Lush and Shab got some PvP addon that they'd been using to call out the enemy team composition and it turned out our team was starting at Stables which REALLY threw my head out!  The whole game was like that - we would look and think "Shit, Alliance has just capped GM!  Oh wait, that's me... hahaha!"  I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one.  Sev, Shab, Lush were a bit off put as well.  The addon that Lush and Shab used didn't work because WE were Alliance!  We had a laugh because Falln got In Service of the Horde for winning his first rated BG, and really, it should have been In Service of the Alliance because we were playing as filthy alliance :P  The other team was rated similarly to us, so they weren't a hard hitting up team and their composition wasn't that good.  I think we did well to win, but I think we could have done better.  OMG I did something really stupid, Shab floated me so I could get to BS but I jumped off in human form instead of on my bike... and I turned to travel form in mid air... which doesn't help... OMG I felt stupid :P  especially when I landed in the water.  Gutsy and Shab demonstrated that 2 people harrassing are very effective at dragging people away from other sites on the map.

The next game we got was EOTS.  Shab and I groaned.  Have no idea what to do in that BG!  However, after playing it, I think got the idea of how to do it for our team.  It seemed like controlling the middle and holding 2 was the key.  Constant harrassment of one base was good to keep the flag uncapped every now and then.  So the next time, we should have a flag team ready - I did tell Falln to go DPS for this, but I think he, Gutsy, Lushnek could be flag people with him carrying, Lush and Gutsy CC/heal/pushback support.  Sev said that it looked like 1 holding the bases and the rest pushing middle and or base harrassment would probably be the way to go.  We lost that game, but it wasn't an abyssmal loss and I learned something too so hopefully next game I'll have a better idea.

We spent a lot of time hanging around in front of Org.  We even decided to make a Sandstone Drake Formation.  That was a nice screenshot.  Except for Shab's damn pet in there.

I tried duelling Parm again and he smashed the crap out of me again.  Holy bejeezus.  I think it only took him 10 seconds.  Well it felt like it...

Having a post rated BG debrief after the run, we were talking about various strategies.  I said we should have code names for our different opening moves.  Sev came up with this:
  • Code Shab: CC healer and kill DPS
  • Code Navi: Zerg strat
  • Code Jinjer: AFK for 10 mins
Poor Jinj.  She is never going to live down her AFK.


  1. OMG! It's the Frostwolf Air Force! You should go menace Stormwind, lol! What a sight that'd be to see approaching!

    1. If only! LOL you are good for the ego my friend!

  2. yea i felt pretty hopless last night because i know if i was at my 100% that eots game might have been better and mabe cound have won it.Ill get my practise up and join for a few more another night.


    1. You did fine! ANYTHING to entice you back to the game is good Falln! 2achievements! Can't snuff about that :)

    2. yea i was pretty happy with ironman i guess :)


  3. Loving the sandstone drake line up pic


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