Karazhan with the Laid Back Raid Group

Yes, yes, I know Karazhan can be solo'd just about.  Up to about Chess, really, but it's such a fun instance, and it's quick.  This week's run was in Karazhan and Gruul, and I had an hour to play so it was perfect.

Cym came this time!  She was a bit disappointed that there werne't that many last time, but there was a great turnout this time!

Saintvache (Amateur Azerothian), myself, Mizorie (Glyph of Jai), Kerisa (Kamalia et alia), Sasche (Tome of the Ancient), Vanicus (Reputation Grind), Coolidge powered through and there were some cool transmog things to be had.

Adoe and Moog from Shadow Rising turned up as well (Adoe has been dragged to one of our PvP groups before, and Moog is the ressurected friend of Rep hence her awesome new mount).

Mizorie had a really nice mog!  I was trying to take a good picture of it but couldn't get one.  And because she had a server name with a space in it, I couldn't talk to her (when you try to talk to whisper them it uses only the first word of the server and then the whole thing doesn't work).  So I had to get JD to pass my message over like chinese whispers.

I just missed Arv, he turned up as I left!

My account not enough for you?  Read it from another point of view! (OMG it rhymes!)
Amateur Azerothian
Bubbles of Mischief
Reputation Grind
The Crimson Paladin


  1. Did you try actually clicking on her name in chat to bring up whisper. Or right-click her portrait to whisper? Just because I've never had a problem whispering someone on any other server before. I wanted to mention this at the time, but we were moving at such a pace, I didn't get the chance.

    I are also sad to have missed the awesomeness of Arv. :)

    1. I did, it comes up with Mizorie-Moon and then it doesn't work.


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