If at first you don't succeed... say EFF-YOU-ALYSRAZOR!

I thought we'd try to do a few Firelands Achievements today - well that didn't happen!  Couldn't do any of them, I felt bad for all those people I dragged along..  I did take a few videos of Az and Sev flying around trying to 2 man Alysrazor (heroic and non heroic) and trying really hard to do any of the steps for Do a Barrel Roll but couldn't get any.  Poor Tout, I dragged him to Firelands and he didn't know anything about it and he felt bad for not knowing anything about the fight and he got hit by every thing we were trying to avoid!  Well, the good thing was at least Faith got to do some of her Legendary staff progress.  But ugh, only 2 bosses down, bleh.

So after that I needed to relax, so I asked Sev to come bash some heads with me.  We queued for only 1 game of 2s, and got a paladin and a hunter.  Hunter was reasonably geared, pally not so much, but was quite good at pole dancing.  We tried to get the paladin down but it wasn't happening, so we switched to hunter and also pressured the paladin and that worked.  Then killing the paladin was harder when he was solo than when he was with the hunter!  Anyway, didn't get many points out of them.

Then we queued a BG, and got AV, which was a nice quick win.  It's funny what you read during BG chat.  People yelling that defending is crap and back capping is a waste of time.... I don't know where these idiots learned to play but I guarded my bunker and saw the others backcapping so we got a nice quick kill in.  Nice.

The Joubran asked me to come along to do some rated BGs with her, cross server.   It was getting late, but I wanted to go see how they did it so off I went, dragging Sev with me.  Her guild leader... OMG, I have never heard such foul language!  I was surprised, amused, and thinking gee, I thought Gutsy was bad...  Every second word was either, s***, f*** or c*** and he was Aussie, from his accent.  And he lived on a boat, with either wireless or satellite, hard to tell.

While I was waiting for him to organise the rated BG team, I thought I'd warm up outside.  There were a few people outside, a mage, a very arrogant DK, and a female tauren hunter who seemed reasonably geared and was from a guild called I don't PvE, so I thought I'd practice my hunter avoidance skills.  Unfortunately the hunter played more like a PvE hunter, and I killed her.  Then I went to duel the arrogant DK who told me to get lost and go heal someone... interesting...

Sev was duelling the mage and then was trying to get on Vent and lost the duel to him because he was half afk.  Awww.  So the mage went to duel me and I was pretty even and might have been embarrasingly close to almost killing him when he disappeared into a BG.  Saved by the battleground!

It was hard to organise the rated BG and the potty-mouthed Guild Leader was picking up PuGs and I didn't mind just having a go to see how people run their rated BGs.  We lost both games, against highly rated teams but I wasn't upset, poor Joubran seemed more upset than me and keeps apologising!  But I wasn't upset at all, I was happy to see other people doing rateds, and watching their strats and looking at the survivability of the tank.  The potty-mouth guild leader had multiple toons to bring out, and he was FC for a while on his DK which seemed to do very well, and Joubran was healing him.  I felt useless because I was being farmed a lot...

But he had quite a good attitude, her guild leader.  He said no calling out people, we're here just to give it a go, and have fun, try to get some titles and stuff.  I liked that.  Even though he swore like a fishmonger's wife, he didn't yell at us calling us F'ing idiots, he was laughing at the opposing team mostly.

Joubran was having lag issues but it was cool to hear her voice.  And Joubran, I'm not angry!  I never get mad at stuff like that :)  


  1. Sorry to hear about your Faylelands run, I'll be glad to help the next time I group up with you guys =)

  2. Aww glad to her than hun :) LOL remember one dude was asking - Is Catherine your wife? We were like OMG LOL! Arghh I know he swear way too much, I have to listen to him everyday lol, he's an old man, but the good thing is he never blame anyone for a loss :) We are facing way high rated team hehe, I guess we are like 1.1k and the other team was 2.2k hehe :D We all got eaten alive :)

    1. Aww thanks :) Your voice is very sweet too hehehe :D and I am very happy to have you with us! I hope we still can play together sometimes in a more organize group with lesser lag.


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