I Wuv Wednesday, Warcraft and Waffling

I love Wednesdays.  Wednesday is the start of a new raid week.  Instances are reset.  Server shutdown and restarts are over.  I have a whole new week of fun things to look forward to.

I often wonder, on Wednesday, what we will get up to tonight.  It was easy when we were raiding.  I would look forward to raiding, hanging with your friends, playing who can buff the meters the most, wondering what tier would drop next and all of us in uproar when Conquerers dropped again.

Now, I think, what fun raid can I do today?  Or what achievement?  If I say the magic word achievement, I am sure I will pick up a few people who will want to tag along.  And those who are a little reluctant, are only a phone call away.  I can be persuasive if I dangle the right carrots.

I am not sure why I cannot seem to tear myself away from this game.  Everyone is sick of WoW.  I still can't get enough of it.  There is so much I need to DO!

I have to keep doing my archaeology so I can hopefully get a claw or Tyrande's Doll.  I should camp some rare spawns, farm some Fox kits.  I have to finish my Mogolympics.  I need to get my reputation up for Defilers and Warsong.  I have achievements to get in Battlegrounds.  The list never ends of things I need to do!

I could... even... level an alt.  No.  No no no.  OK, that's just taking it too far.  That's just too much of a CHORE.  I can't face that.

Even if we don't put a raid together, I'll happily go do a BG and smash or be smashed.  And if that's too horrible, I'm sure I can find someone to chat to on realID and play with MogIt whilst I make small and big talk.

Hmm.  Wonder who put happy pills into my hot chocolate this morning... I think I'm just happy to have Internet.  Forgot my 3G yesterday so I couldn't blog at work (OMG the tragedy!) and then I was on call last night so when I did sit down to blog, I was called away to some dreadful bleeding disaster that was reminescent of Mount Vesuvius... poor lady, she won't make it but at least we tried.  It's always hard when you're talking to patient's relatives, they're all looking at you their eyes wide, sad, brimming with tears, hands clutched to their mouth as you impart the sad truth to them that their loved one is most likely going to die.  I would hate to have my family in that position.  Maybe that's what is with me this morning.  I guess I'm happy to be alive, have internet, and it's Wednesday.


  1. "I could... even... level an alt. No. No no no. OK, that's just taking it too far. That's just too much of a CHORE. I can't face that."

    I'm so glad that you're still having so much fun in WoW, even though you're not doing the Heroic raiding anymore, and that WoW can be a relaxing place to escape to after a stressful day at work. :D

    1. Hahaha Kam! Typical, that Ms Et Alia would pick the line about hating alts out of that post! I even said to Matty today - ALTS is a FOUR LETTER WORD. LOL!

    2. LoL!

      You know, I could write an almost identical post, except that where you talk about going to smash and be smashed in PvP, I'd talk about going questing or LFDing with an alt, and I'd say
      "I could... even... BG a little. No. No no no. OK, that's just taking it too far. That's just too much of a CHORE. I can't face that."
      And you would /giggle at me the same way I /giggle at you.

  2. Wednesday could be special again couldn't it Navi?? hehehe Yes yes!

    1. /wink wink nudge nudge
      I think we're on the same page here LOL

  3. Leveling an alt sounds wonderful about now, I am so sick of being electrocuted by that damn Ogri'la simon game! I think I'll get the addon and save on repairs.

  4. Ancient I used to write it on a piece of paper. Wow there is an addon?

  5. Aww this was a really chipper post. I'm glad you're feeling good. I'm still pretty excited about WoW myself!

    1. It's nice that someone still loves WoW like me! I mean, if I'm not playing the game, I'm writing stories about it! :D Just like you :)


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