How to make me an Angry Navizor in BGs

I think it's pretty obvious if you read any of my PvP post blow-by-blows as to what makes me a cranky pants in PvP.  In fact, my arena buddies will know, as well as my BG buddies (though I am much more tame in BGs than in arena).

Why is that?

I think it's because in Arena it's a lot more personal. There are 2, 3 or 5 of you.  And healers often have a big sign painted on their heads saying "KILL ME KILL ME".  Because you can't kill the others if I'm up and healing.  And when I am being swarmed all the unfairness of being cleaved, stunlocked, Hammer of Justiced, silenced and mana burned the Navizor comes out.

Navizor?  What is that?

It's the nickname Fimlys gave me from my TNB interview, which is now available to listen to - click here to go listen to it.  Navizor is the evil Navi, like hwo Alysrazor is the evil Alysra.  I listened to my interview today and have this to say:
  • Fimlys put my Shannox request as the NPC sound!  I didn't get to explain that in my interview but I hate killing things I don't have to kill, rares especially, so that line is just perfect
  • Wow, I talk fast.  I need to slow down
  • I giggle nervously and say Ummm a lot
  • My voice doesn't sound as bad as I thought it would, and it was quite clear
  • Master 2 wasn't that bad a distraction, I could hardly hear him
  • Sorry Sev, you didn't get a mention but I was talking about your legendary!
  • Yes I talked a lot about bloggers but it is an interview about blogging and WoW... so... I'm sorry guildies!
So, do you think Effing F is aka Navizor??  And look what Ancient did for me! (Arvash, your wish is her command!)

Cool huh?  Now that is a totally scary.  The perfect thing for a post about Angry Navizor in BGs.

Now getting back on track...
I was about to talk about how to make me an Angry Navizor in BGs.  And here is the uncensored list:
  1. Rogues.  Those pussy little chickenshits who backstab you, stun you then when you start hitting them back they run away stealth and then come hit you again.  Fight like a MAN you little pussies cowards.
  2. People who try to lead and then abuse the crap out of people in a BG.  That is not leading.  That's being an asshole.
  3. Rogues.
  4. People capping a flag in a BG then running off, and then I have to go back to defend it for the whole game.  If you cap it, you stay with it!  Don't want to stay?  Then DON'T TOUCH IT!!
  5. Did I say rogues?  I might have forgotten to say 2 rogues.
  6. Flag carriers who run away from their healers, or leave them behind to get massacred and then complain about no heals.
  7. People who AFK while holding a flag when you need to CAP THE DAMN THING PLEASE!
  8. Low health players in a battleground who like to tell us we're all crap because we're horde and whine the whole game about you're not doing your job blah blah blah.
  9. Rogues and Cloak of Shadows.  OP MUCH.
  10. People with under 100k picking up the flag in a BG and NOT handing it over when asked nicely to.  Well, I shouldn't get mad about that because there is an easy solution - DON'T HEAL them coz they will drop the flag fast enough
Little asshats the lot of them


  1. Lol, the animated Navizor is awesome! Good job, Ancient!

    I totally agree with you on your list; it sometimes makes you want to go /afk in the middle of a BG.

    Oh yeah, eff Rogues!

    1. When they come in little gangs of 2 or 3 and think they're oh so tough killing the poor little healer I just want to smash their smug little faces!

  2. Yay! Time to download the Podcast, Noodle Free Edition!

    1. LOL those noodles ads drove everyone crazy!

  3. So you don't like rogues huh? :D

    7. is the main reason why I <3 leap of faith so much. I don't care if the flag carrier is in windows updating his mates on how he's griefing this random battleground, as long as he's not anywhere too stupid, I can make him cap.

    1. Oooh, that's such a cool thing to know! Hadn't even thought of that!

    2. Yeah I've done that before.

      You also said "you know what I mean?" a lot :P

  4. Never taken a break from WoW? No wonder Navi has over 365 days /played!

    Doing stuff in WoW for blogging purposes definitely adds to my /played each day/week -- all that time poking around in MogIt... :P

    Mmmm chocolate and pistachio....

    Sounds like you had so much fun!

    1. It was fun! I kept thinking how happy you sounded being on it and I hoped that would come through! And oh yeah... no breaks >< that's why I play too much! Gosh if you count the time I spend blogging as well I hate to think how many REAL hours WoW sucks up... I think 15 hours was an underestimate.

  5. We all hate rogues, Navi. We all do. You know how you get scared at spooky movies? Undead rogues especially scare the shit out of me.

    1. They ARE scary! All that flesh hanging off them and they sneak up on you... OMG STEALTHY ZOMBIES /runs screaming

    2. I have an undead rogue, she's pretty cute imo except for the bones you can't hide

  6. Those rogues are snakes in the grass, they should be stomped on! Stupid, stupid, sneaky rogues. Okay, got to go listen!

    1. I love rogues on my team - I hate rogues on opposing teams! Sneaky little suckers.

    2. You know that name does suit you here and great job on the animated gif Tome :)

  7. Dude, even rogues hate rogues, everyone hates rogues. They're like the Justin Beiber of wow.

    1. But he has teenage girl fans. The only fans Rogues have is the "of knives" kind.


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