Highlights from my Blogroll July 22,2012

PvP posts are all over the place!  Or maybe it's just because I've been looking...

Cynwise has laid out some brilliant strategies about graveyard camping in WSG, and AB.  There are pretty diagrams, clever words and not only does it read smoothly like a nice aged wine, it's also full of stuff that I want to try.  I've never been a graveyard camper, but Cyn is putting it out there, almost legitimizing what I used to think was mean and fighting without honour, but hey if everyone's going to start doing it, I'm going to have to start fighting back and getting over this outdated chivalry business /grin

A new blog caught my attention this week (I love new visitors!) and Thunderspank left a comment which meant I had to go and investigate his blog.  Now you'd think with a name like that, he would be a Tauren or an orc (shaman/druid type name) but no.  He's a blood elf.  He has LOTS of blood elves.  Thunderspank's blog, called Thunderspank... well it's easy to remember!... has some great PvP posts too - his latest post about Battleground Tactics - Eye of the Storm - started with a story of a fight at the beginning told in the third person and I've ALWAYS wanted to do that!  Anyway, he gets a big tick and now I have to figure out where he's going to slot into my blogroll.  Great tactics too.  Maybe a bit too smart for me though.  I R Dumb Cow.

Erinys was writing about some of the things in BGs which she wish Blizz would fix, and they were good ones.   Come down hard on cheaters, fix the matchmaking so premades vs premades etc, and making a wading pool BG bracket (Ancient's words!) and a seasoned BG bracket.

Effraeti finally got her piece out "Love and Sacrifice".  Have I told you how much I LOVE love stories??  She wasn't in time for the Movellas competition but it's done and I love it.

Oh I liked this post by Chris who has a  new blog called Confessions of a Grown Up Gamer.  It was titled Two Rules about Life as Illustrated by WoW and they are so true!  I even added one to his list about how things always come when you don't want/need them anymore, like pets, achievements, mounts... I wonder what other ones people can come up with.


  1. Thank you for the shoutout Navimie!

    My warrior used to be a tauren but I liked the blood elf animations and the way gear looked on them more so I switched. That and arcane torrent is just such a useful racial.

  2. Arcane torrent is useful but I like warstomp better :) besides, I coudn't be a BE as a druid /grin
    You're welcome!


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