Happiness is a warm felpuppy - a tribute to Bheetom

Amijade is telling me that the current Warlock pets will have newer, improved versions in Mists of Pandaria!  Normally I avoid beta posts like the plague, but I was dying of curiosity!

The new upgraded Felpuppy is called an Observer.  It's a giant Willy!  Ok ok, I admit, I was dying to say that.

Big Willy does all the things that Felpuppy does, but with some slight improvements
  • Clone Magic = Devour magic : except that eating the magic heals and gives Fel Energy in Big Willy
  • Tonguelashing = Shadowbite : so now your pet will lick the enemy instead of biting them.  What is with this oral fixation in these pets??
  • Optical blast = Spell lock: Big Willy's silence also makes him shoot LASERS!  I am loving the thought of pink lasers from the lock pet

So Bheetom, the enslaved Fel hunter of my good friend Sevros, is to be no more, come Mists of Pandaria.  He has been a good puppy.  His name, an inspiration to us in arena (Beat'em), could not have been better chosen, and he has been such a loyal minion, harrassing those priests and druids in arenas, silencing them every now and then when they were being annoying and casting spells.  He was always happy to be summoned, he is always eager to sup on gnomes and night elves, wagging his little backside.

Yes there have been times when I've neglected you, Bheetom, and I have been berated very loudly on Vent for that ("Nav, PET!") but you're such an active little thing, you're so busy chasing those enemies around poles and boxes that I can hardly keep up with you!

I won't miss you dying constantly to boss AoE.  That really seemed to be a Cataclysm thing.  I swear that never used to happen in WotLK or BC.

I hope you enjoy your remaining days in Demon-land.  I hope you think back to those days when your master dragged you out of your home to serve us, and of all the fun you had chasing those nasty stinking Alliance.  May the fel be with you always!

So, the next important thing is...

What will Big Willy's name be?  Only time will tell :)


  1. Psst, Navi! Its a talent and we don't have to take it if we don't want to. Personally, I wont be taking this talent, it is quite lack-luster and currently (from personl experience) I find Grimoire of Service better for PvP and Grimoire of Sacrifice better for PvE. But having some of the new demons for an offspec might be pretty cool. Comon, who doesn't want a duel wielding Wrathgaurd with Gurthalak following you?
    - Aza

    1. Sev would never take that pet though! It has Aza written all over it!

    2. and no Kupyap post? =O /mutter ...
      - Aza

    3. Hey! You are HAPPY to replace him with a Wrathguard DW Gurthalak....

  2. As Az said, Bheetom will be around for a while yet. :p

    The new pets look interesting, but some of the other talents are as good or better, and I don't want to lose my Felpuppy if I can avoid it. ;-)

    1. Which sadly means that many low brow healing jokes will be missed:
      "Tacky! My Big Willy needs you to lay on hands"
      "Quick Navi, use your healing touch on my Big Willy!"
      "Gutsy, shield fast! My Big Willy uses protection."

    2. You forgot:
      "Wait... did you just cast regrowth on my Big Willy?"
      "It's lucky it's a demon because when it dies it would be awkward asking Navi to revive my Big Willy"
      "I don't have a problem with the size of my Big Willy. That doesn't dictate how it performs."
      "Bloody Alliance keep hitting on my Big Willy."

  3. I'm going to get three giant willys? That's wonderful! @Sevrus ROTFL!!!

  4. Heya Navimie,

    Believe it or not, I was visitng your site to catch up on your posts and take a picture for one of my mine, and here I see you having more warlock discussions! Woot!

    Yes, I love my Fel Puppy Dhroodum and it's true I can keep him if I would like. The new demon minions are from one of the level 75 talents a warlock can choose called the Grimoire of Supremacy. If the warlock doesn't choose it, then they won't get the newer skins and they keep their original demons. What's great about the changes in MoP is that you can swap out your talents on the fly to fit the situation or whatever play style you enjoy.

    Like Anonymous commented above, some might love it and some might not. Personally, I'm enjoying this talent for questing because the new demons have 20% more health and do 20% more damage, and because it's fun running around with a big Willy...Er...I mean Observer! Sorry, that came out wrong didn't it?
    Ew...I'll stop there with that one too.

    Omg, I think after reading Sevrus's comment I can't get the innuendoes outta my mind! Now I'm doing it too! "Hey Shaman, can you put your Riptide on my big Willy?", "My big Willy needs to give a good Tongue Lashing!" "Hey can you rejuv my big Willy?" --- Yep, I'll be putting /trade and /general chat on ignore for a while when MoP launches for this very reason I think.

    I also agree with Anonymous in their opinion that the new Wrathguard used by Demonolgy looks amazing and is very cool dual wielding swords. It's one of my new favorite demons to see. Although, I'll always have a strong devotion and fondness for Dhroodum, my Fel puppy because he actually sounds like my Golden Retriever IRL when he chews on bones, ha!

    Btw, I know I've tweeted you about it, but great job on the TNB! I really enjoyed hearing you on the show and I'm sure your guildies are just as proud of you. Nicely done! I wrote about it in one of my posts, but due to storms in my area, I've lost internet for a few days and couldn't upload it. I should have it up by Sunday, if not sooner :)

    Have a great weekend and as always, my best to you and your guildies!

    1. Amijade! I love your replies, they're even longer than my posts sometimes :D
      As everyone keeps saying, you can keep your old felpuppy. But come on, I really want to bring out the big willy jokes. I want to get my baby spice out and make him a small willy, and make jokes about that. Or, of course, get out my Papa Hummel's Old fashioned pet biscuits and make viagra jokes about GIANT Willy.
      Thank you for listening to my interview :) I'm glad you liked it and I will look for my name in bright lights on your blog later this weekend :D


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