Gear, Experience and Attitude in Battlegrounds in late Cataclysm

This late in the expansion, when raiding is dying down, I think a lot of people are turning to PvP.  Sometimes you look at the health of your team and think phew, everyone is over 150k buffed, and then other times your heart sinks looking at the people with 110k and hope to god they're not gonna try carrying the flag because I don't want to have to heal their squishy ass.

Enemy teams are of course, also similarly geared.  I feel happy seeing that 110k DK coming to try to kill me, but I need to sit up and concentrate with the hunter with 172k is focussing me with his pet and I'm trying my best to LOS them or stand next to them because they are going to F###ing hurt.  And they DO.

However, you can still tell apart the less serious ones.  If I quickly glance over their gear a lot of people are in Cataclysmic Gladiators - but probably 30-40% of those ones are ungemmed, and/or unenchanted.

Another thing I've noticed in BGs lately is the paucity of healers.  Why does it feel like the Alliance always have at least 3 healers and I am the only healer on Horde?  Sometimes I have 2 healers which makes me happy because it means someone can take the beating instead of me.

I have yet to come across a BG where there are no rogues.  I guess in this expansion with the rogue legendaries a lot of people started playing them.  Rogues with 165k+ health scare me.  Sub 155k I'm not so scared.  Some of those 150k rogues are PvE rogues and you can tell because of how fast I go down.  Fully PvP pimped out rogues seem to cut me down in 3-5 hits WITH Barkskin on.  I think of all the classes in PvP which piss me off the most it has to be the rogues.  The sneak up on you, think they're so smart when they sap you, wondering if you'll be stupid enough to use your trinket, and then start stunlocking and poisoning you.  I try to Barkskin towards the end of the sap if they haven't hit me yet, or as soon as they start hitting me if they do it before sap ends.  Then when I'm stunned, I'll trinket and nature's grasp and thorns myself if I can get it off and let them get themselves stuck for a bit.  But it REALLY annoys me when you've dotted them up and their health is going down and I'm full health from my hots and CDs and then they sprint away and vanish.  Little S***s.  Come back and fight while I kick your little backstabby ass!

I feel similarly fighting a DK.  DKs scare me.  Anti magic shield eating up all my roots and immune to all my thorns makes me cranky that I wasted their cooldowns. 

PvPing as a group is so much more relaxing - it's like you can count on your teammates to fear/cc/kill the enemy on you and they can count on me to heal them when they're flag carrying.  Lately, it feels like warlocks are not as resilient as they used to be, and boomkins in BGs are REALLY annoying.

Yesterday was a challenge on the battlefield.  We really had to earn our wins - not that it was a bad thing, but there is something to be said when you are putting out 110% of normal trying to keep yourself and your teammates alive.  The first game Sev and I did was a Twin peaks and we capped one, then they capped one, and then we had a huge struggle trying to get another cap.  Sev and I both carried the flag and were mowed down like paper.  But then while we were engaging the enemy, a 110k health rogue took the flag and I was groaning, saying I'm not healing that guy... and he managed to get away while everyone else held back all the DPS and he capped.  Yay for underestimating the little guy!  I think they gave up after that because we got a 3rd cap rather quickly.

Then we dragged Shab and Az into the group and tackled a Battle for Gilneas.  That was really challenging!  Alliance put up a REALLY good fight and it felt like we were just lucky scraping through for caps.  We went straight to lighthouse, and uncapped the Alliance tag, while Alliance went straight to mines and uncapped our tag.  I decided to stay to guard lighthouse with Az.  Then everyone was fighting over waterworks and Alliance capped it, then the defeated team from Mines went there and grabbed it, and then those alliance rezzers came to Lighthouse and kicked us out.  It was frantic!  We went to mines after that and got that back and then there was a battle there for absolutely ages.  Alliance uncapped it, and there was a damn good hunter there who hurt like crazy and I died about 4 times and then some lucky person defended it, then we lost it again and then I defended it... and got an achievement!  That was awesome.

It was a close match, but it was a really good fight.  Except for the whining shaman, we were all really satisfied with how that BG went.

Then we did a WSG, and would you believe it, Luciun, Aza's friend from Frostmourne was there in a group of 4 or 5 as well!  So it was almost like a premade versus the other team, who also had a lot of Frostmourne players, but interestingly, Luciun and friends spent most of their time mid-field, whilst the rest of us did the running and capping.  There was a priest healer there, who was good, and an arrogant warrior who really annoyed me - he was flag carrying and on his last legs, I sprinted over and healed the hell out of him and he got away and then ran away while I was getting beat up on, which I don't mind because at least he'll cap the flag.  But when he capped, he said "And that's why I am 2200 - YEAH" and I thought... you arrogant little prick.  No thank you for the save, just relishing in his glory.. well that's all nice for him, but all I can say is that I'm glad that my friends are not like that... Az said "Oh, they're all like that on Frostmourne, because they're THAT good."  Well... I think I prefer to be mediocre like me and polite than awesome and an arrogant ass!  At least we 3 capped them I guess... and Shab, Az and Sev topped the Frostmourne guys in damage.  Luciun even said as much to Az, and that made Az happy.

We did an AB after that, and that was abyssmal.  I did get to do my first "float" from LM to BS and that was pretty exciting!  I could almost hear Shab shaking his head thinking "you noob!" when I was squealing over vent how exciting it was to float down!  It was a 4 cap vs 1, and the other team was really good, well geared.  It was difficult.  But by the end of that game I'd had enough, and we all called it a night.  But I was happy.  I felt like I'd earned my healing stripes and points that day.


  1. It was an unusually tough night - even if we did win most of the games. :p

    A couple of the early games I think we'd have lost if the alliance had focused less on farming kills and more on the game.

  2. I was hoping we could fly in and take out the lone warrior there, but got a few too many respawns. Glad you enjoyed the flight tho. Not everyday you see a flying cow riding a motorbike.

    1. Well it was my first time so it was pretty cool! I wish I'd screenied it :)

  3. I agree with you Navi, where are all the Horde healers at? Lately, most of the BGs I get into, the Alliance has like 3 or 4 healers and a lot of ranged, mostly hunters, while our side has 1 or 2 (if we're lucky) healers and a crap ton of melee. That just spells doom from the beginning. I've been trying to get the last few wins in Tol Barad so I can be done with that place, but it's even worse there; we have usually have no heals and every node is guarded by at least two Alliance healers. FML.

  4. I'll have to check when I can login but I think my poor Horde Warlock is one of those character's running around with 110k, lol. She get's stunned by those stupid little rogues and is done for in about three hits, those sneaky rotten rogues!

    1. You poor Warlock! Them nasty rogues! I'll hits thems for ya!


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