Frostwolves Fashionistas

It's one of those weeks where Transmog and fashion seem to be pointed out a lot!  Earlier in the week, Braish (whom you might recall from the Rojak's Dath'remar Transmog competition as the warrior who was levelling and won 5k) asked me politely about our guild.  He was looking for somewhere to live, and he remembered our guild from the Transmog competition and thought that we all seemed like really nice, cool people.  What a lovely compliment!  However, I can't recruit socials unless they know someone in the guild so I had to apologetically decline his social application, and he told me that his wife (whom also won 5k in the competition - Hazal, the scary faced female orc in skimpy gear) was in The Family, and hopefully he would get into her guild.  I wished him luck and told him that his mog for the competition was really cool.

Souglyy wanted to show me her new mogs for her alts, and they are quite flashy and fashionable!  Flike, her rogue, looks dark and dangerous, yet glitteringly awesome.

And her paladin is the epitome of style and sexy with a perfectly matching shield (crappy angle, sorry!) and weapon.

I really love Aza's little mage, she looks absolutely brilliant!  That hat is just perfection :)  Orko!

And last night Akabeko said in her post that the Frosties were fashionable!  So you see, it's just one of those funny weeks where you hear about something a lot :)


  1. Everyone was looking so grand last night.

    1. Can't wait till you get your mace so your set will be done!

  2. Oooh, very very nice, all of them!

    Wow, Imwifher and Imwifhim are really rocketing up the levels! XD

  3. Babe your toons always look amazing, I love love love the pallys tmog. -Rosh

  4. Babe I love love love your pallys tmog, all your toons look incredible -Rosh

  5. Omg silly iPhone, I thought it didn't register the first comment that I left -_-


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