Darkmoon Un-faire and stop wallowing Navi

I was starting to write a whiney post about Darkmoon Faire Dailies when I realised, how silly and small my problems were.

I was doing the Blastenheimer daily, which is the one I hate the most out of all the dailies because I refuse to enable the DBM bit which tells you when to hit the button to let go.  Lag is what annoys the crap out of me because I swear I hit let go at the same times and sometimes I'm too short, or too far, and it just.... DRIVES.... Me... NUTTY!  Why do I refuse to make it easy for myself?  I don't know, I think it feels like cheating and I would rather bitch and moan and whine than cheat.  OK, that's like cutting my nose to spite my face, but that's just the kind of crazy that I am.

Today, was no different.  It took me 5 goes to get my 5 points.  And then, I was so cranky about it I rushed back to hand it in and instead of clicking complete quest, I accidentally hit launch me and out I shot again!  If you could imagine me stamping my feet and screaming in frustration ... well that was me.  Kamalia was talking to me at the time when I did my frustrated "JD:FLKJSDFL:JE" and she just laughed and consoled me.  I was happy to hearth out of that godforsaken island to go back and sit in nice quiet Valley of Wisdom after that, and play with Mogit.

Anyway, enough of feeling sorry for myself with my uncoordinated-ness.  Nothing beats Akabeko, who has trouble with turtles, of all things.  She wrote a fantastic short story about it (and in it is the link to why she has written that story) and it has to be one of the best stories she's written, and she's written a LOT.  I don't know what it is about her stories, but they are always so funny, personal and her character has such CHARACTER... and I thought I had Darkmoon Depression!

Anyway, these little pittances are nothing compared to the troubles my friend Tome had.  Here I am whinging about dailies, where she has had trees fall down on her house knocking out electricity when there's a heat wave leaving her powerless and waterless!  The heat has made her delirious because she was talking about loving transmutes and all the things that drive her nutty... just because she was so happy to have internet back.  Well, I can relate to that.

So just a reminder to myself.  It's never as bad as you think.  Someone always has it worse than you, so I should stop complaining.  But, you have to admit, it's kinda pathetically funny that I can't land in a goddamn circle and I'm supposed to be kinda good at this game ><


  1. All the times I've done that game I think I had a bulls eye only twice. Then that Dubenko moves at the very last moment. I think it's why I "forget" after the first day!

  2. @TotA - I have had it only once. I did consider getting someone to do it for me...


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