Chasing Hwired - mini-guild gathering

I'm excited because this weekend we're having a mini Frostwolves gathering up in Brisbane.  I have a conference there, and I was hoping to catch up with Souglyy, Hwired, Gutsy and Xynzelle when I was up there.  Unfortunately they live all over the place so picking a meeting point is hard.  Gutsy offered to have it at his house, so we all decided ok, but then he changed it to the local RSL so now the others have to trek for 1.5 hours to get to his place LOL.

Anyway, Hwired's dad is having his 60th birthday party that weekend so he piked at the last minute.  I was disappointed, I have been dying to meet Hwired, since we spend so much time playing with him that I would like to meet him face to face, or find out what he looks like.  He refused to put a pic on the forums, saying he would come down during football season to Sydney and meet us then.  I tried to bribe him with gold to put a pic up but that didn't work.  Now I made a trip all the way to Brisbane to meet him and he's getting out of that as well.  Roshii said that Hwired just doesn't want to see me, so I should just stop trying.  But I'm one of those people who feel likes to engage people and know more about them, and seeing in person does help.  Oh well, I'll be patient, it will happen one day.

Aza is coming and so is Roshii and Lushnek so that will be fun!  And Souglyy and Gutsy will have their kids there so I guess I'd better watch my potty mouth.

So Flinbrez, that old fart friend of Ayelena's (giggle!) will be coming along as well.  Now I have NO idea what he sounds or looks like so that will be interesting.  Only 2 more sleeps to go!


  1. Aww that is so cool meeting up guildies! I could never have the chance to do that because our guidlies spread all over the world and I'm never close with them. Got insulted by one of them a few time long story sigh!

    Have loads of fun sweetie!

  2. Shame I'm not tagging along, but I went to QLD at Christmas and stayed at Filnbrez's place. I'll ask him to put a pic up on the forum so you can recognise him Navi.

    And yes, he's one year older that me, but we're both dirty old farts, lol.


  3. I can't wait to meet you all :) Will be a good night, despite the drive lol



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