Brisbane guild meetup

Today was the day!  Our Brisbane guild meetup was all set at Greenbank RSL - really far away for Xyn and Souglyy to travel but suspiciously convenient for Gutsy - and it was really nice to meet our fellow guildies.  For a few, it was their first time, but for seasoned meetup veterans like me, Az and Lushnek, we just acted like our normal selves and eventually people overcame their shyness.  Unlike other meetups, this time we had kids present - Souglyy brought her son, Xyn brought his wife and kids, and Gutsy brought his son.  I don't know what happened to Flinbrez, I called Ayelena to tell him to get Flin to call me but I think he was otherwise occupied and couldn't make it.

I love kids, so I tried to spend time talking to all of them.  You'd think that I would be happy getting away from the kids on the weekend and having some adult time... but old habits die hard I guess.  All of the kids were adorable and well behaved, I thought, and very polite too!

I still call everyone by their toon names.  I still don't feel right calling people by their real names, even though I do know all of their real names.  Is that weird?

Roshii lost his scowl by the time Xyn arrived, and I had to laugh when Gutsy's son said loudly to me "Hey, you got a spoon instead of a knife!" and I said "I'm Asian, I eat with a fork and a spoon!" which for some reason I found hilariously funny.  It reminded me of the time Falln was laughing at me when I said fork and spoon.

The good thing about eating at one of those buffet places is feeding the kids.  They can be so messy!  But when you're at one of those places, it's all ok :)

There was plenty of wow talk, which is only natural.   I was disappointed in Roshii because he didn't wear any WoW shirts, only Lushnek and I did (I wore two!  I wore my Dalaran University shirt and my Druid hoodie) and Xyn took delight in ribbing me about my nerdiness.  He was much more fashionable in his motorcross gear.  Souglyy brought the Tshirt she bought from my shop (no, she didn't wear it) and it looks really cool!  Aza promised me he would buy his Tshirt :)

All in all it was a good night, it was great to meet Xyn, Souglyy and Gutsy, putting faces to the voices that I play with.  And of course, it was good to see Roshii and Az again :)

Roshii, Souglyy (holding her son), Xyn, Navi, Aza, Gutsy, Lushnek.
OK, so I can't show you our faces, but you can see we're all clearly Frostwolves.  Look at that big blue paw!


  1. Sounds like a good time. I know, I always get disturbed when I see people's real name in my chat list. I always feel that name is the imposter and the in game name is the correct one!

  2. It was so good to meet up with some of my fellow guild family :) Was a great night and I can't wait for the next one.


  3. It was a really good night. It was awesome and soo cute to see navi bonding with Josh. So whens the net guild meet? :)


  4. Hi Navi, I found out what happened to filnbrez, he was helping a friend on his yacht and came down with sinusitus. By the time he got home he was feeling too crook to do anything, so he curled up in bed for that night.


  5. Hey Navi, Are you going to post the picture to the guild web page? I like the photo here, but the paws are hard to see past.


  6. Hey Ayel, I will put it on the guildies page :) But Xyn doesn't want his face there so he will stil have a paw on his face.


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