Boys and their Toys in Azeroth

Hyperious left a comment on one of my posts wanting to be Navispammed, so I decided to try to catch him!  So I went to his server and made a toon but he wasn't online so I sent him an ingame mail letting him know I was looking for him.

He even made a post about it!

So today I logged over there to try my luck and there he was!  I yelled out a big enthusiastic hello! And then sheepishly remembered my manners and said "Hi, I'm Navimie from the Daily Frostwolf, I was wondering if you'd mind having a pic taken with me for my wall of fame?"  Hyperious was so gracious, he said yes and laughed at me because he knew who I was because my toon's name was Navimie after all :P and he had seen my mail.

Hyperious came to pick me up and we headed off to TB for some pics.

Whoops, forgot how dangerous it is to be a low level toon!  Mobs still attack you when you're mounted with someone and I got bitten by wolves and pecked by striders and I died.  Hyperious was mortified.  I was laughing hysterically.   Who knew that taking pics was such dangerous business!  First with Bear, now with Hyperious!

I don't think I can get my mammoth into the lift, so I was impressed Hyperious could.  HAD to take a pic of that.

Well you'd think nothing could happen here.  Whilst trying to position myself for this picture, I fell off the perch.  Way to go Navi, what a way to impress Hyperious with your klutziness.

And!  Hyperious got to take out his favourite toy, Arcanite Ripper!  I have to agree with him, that is one of the most awesome things in the game.

So thank you Hyperious for letting me visit!  You have officially been Navispammed!


  1. Oh wow, I think it's worth a few deaths to get to see an Arcanite Ripper performance!

    1. Feel free to stop by any time if you want one! I will literally stop doing whatever the hell it is I'm doing to get to my bank and play the hell out of that thing!

      ... Including hearth from a raid mid-fight. Yes, I've done that. No, I'm not proud of it. But there it is.

  2. I certainly think so! I didn't realise that these visits would be so deadly! Poor Hyperious felt terrible, I felt bad for laughing about my poor toon's death!

  3. Thanks again for the visit. I do feel bad about you getting eaten by birds. I've been a healer for so long, I've gotten to the point where I take it personally if someone in my charge (any party member) dies.

    I forgot how hard those level 5 mobs hit a level 2 character.

    *flashbacks* I... I could've done more! *sobbing in fetal position*


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