Alliance cheaters in WSG

Today I saw something I had never seen before, and that was a wall walking cheat in a battleground.  It was in Warsong Gulch, and we were trying to queue simultaneously with 2 groups, but that was unsuccessful and we ended up in one game and the other group in another.  The gates opened, and we had just jumped off near graveyard, and our flag was picked up, dropped and capped.

There is no way that they can get to our base and back within 5 seconds of the gates opening.

Epic, a rogue from Kel'thuzad, was the one who got the flag, and his mate, Dogmeet (also from Kel'thuzad) was the one who picked it up to cap.  It infuriated us, and made us more determined to win.

They had no healers in their BG, and we fought hard to get our flag back and forth.  Gutsy managed to get back to the room with our flag and then the rogue appeared through the back wall and took the flag away just as Gutsy was feared off it.  We got the flag back and Gutsy managed to cap.

We fought hard for our second flag, trying to keep them off our flag or at least ready to pick it up again if we dropped it, but we managed to get it and we were 2 flags to one for a while.  They tried to cheat again with getting the flag and dropping it in the middle of their flagroom but we returned it.

Sev and Shab had a few deaths trying to pick up the flag but died on the way down because me and Gutsy were dead and couldn't heal them.  At least it stopped them from doing that cheating manoeuvre again.

Then the shaman picked up the last flag and they did try hard to prevent us capping but he got through and we won the game.


I wish I'd reported them then but I was so focussed on trying to make sure they didn't win that I didn't have time.  I know if Lushnek had been there, he would have.

I was telling Sev afterwards, that if it happened on our side, like, if a Horde player had been doing it, I would have told them off, and then immediately left the group.  I don't want to have any part of any cheating.  He was the same.  I think we all were.


  1. Cheaters ruin the game seriously! And yay you guys won! Karma is a bitch! Please report them soon or they are going to ruin other players game :)

  2. According to his armory Epic picked up two WSG achievements in the last 3 hours - one for winning in less than seven minutes and one for winning 100 games ... kinda interesting considering his rep with Silverwing sentinels is listed as only honored, would've had to win an awful lot of WSG games.

  3. I wasn't trying to argue, only understand what had happened - I am interested in the mechanics of it something both sides could technically do, but just isn't done because it's not "cricket?" I am so damn confused. Was it a player who was just camping by the flag? God help me Navi, I am such a noob. I wouldn't know a cheater if I met one. All is know is graveyard campers, farming HP points. If I could just hand over my wallet and not my life, I would just hand it over! Is...Epic a bot? ......

    1. Oh Matty I wasn't angry at you! I was venting my frustration at cheaters. What he did was actually exploit some bug in game - what he did was technically not possible to do. It would be like hitting ultraxion 3 times and killing him in a few seconds.

  4. Oh, weird! But did he know about the bug, or was it just "one of those things?'

    The reason why I ask is I have it on good authority that there are players who are so skilled at manipulating the game to their favor, that their "expertise" is sometimes used by game designers to fix those loopholes...

  5. He knew. And he knew it was wrong. Hopefully reporting it will fix that bug!


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