A home server visit - Moogyver

I got a tweet the other day from someone new - Moogyver.  And this person was on my own home server of Dath'remar!

Moogyver has a podcast called Spare Parts, which is a podcast about the Engineering Profession.  Not having any engineers myself, it's not something I would normally listen to, but when I had a listen, I thought to myself, "Wow, he has a good speaking speed and sounds engaging without sounding too rehearsed!"

So I sent him a tell, and wanted to add a picture of him to my wall of fame.  Even being on the same timezone and on the same server it's hard to catch up!  So I asked his guildies if he was online, and also sent him some in game mails. As it is with all of these things, it's a matter of swallowing my pride and looking ridiculous sometimes, but knowing that I only have good intentions.

Last night we actually managed to catch up in the pixel!  So we went and took come pics around Dalaran.

I wanted to tell him what a cool name he had - obviously a clever play on Macgyver.  He likes this spot next to the bike!  I asked him if he had one, he said, sadly, no.  So I took him for a ride in my bike.

I didn't get much chance to chat - Aza was ready to do Onyxia for achievements for me - so I had to leave off and say farewell.  Interesting that he isn't max level!  I haven't met anyone who blogged who wasn't max level - though that is a funny thing to say, because come expansion, all of us will be in that boat!

Consider yourself Navispammed Moogyver!


  1. That sounds interesting I'll have to listen although I deleted my engineer and now only have a baby one who's being pretty lazy.

    1. I've got no engineers, it looks so hard to level! I think I want one just so I can wear goggles all the time!

  2. Just a clarification, only Moogyver isn't max level :-) I have an alliance toon that is. I thought it odd that I use the moogyver name when recording, but don't have him at the apex, so thats my goal before MoP.. to be at 85 finally!

    1. Just seems different you're using a non maxed out soon but I guess that's the fun of it :)


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