A couple of quick raids

I really wanted Souglyy to get her 10 man Dwarfageddon achievement since she missed out last time with a shoddy computer.  And I promised her it would be easy, and it would be 2-3 manned.

So I had a bit of time yesterday and I got Aza, Atain (McTacky), Roshii and Souglyy to help me do it for her, and after a few false starts...

Try 1:
Aza: I'm collecting them now, don't shoot it till I say.  (runs off collecting)
Me: Ok moving up!  He's got heaps!
(Aza's health starts to dip a bit - Navi hits the panic button and starts firing)
Bang bang bang bang... no achievement... oh shit.
Aza: =/ why did you start shooting?
Roshii: It was Navi.  She prematurely shot off.
Me: I thought he was dying!  Sorry!
Aza: It's ok, we can soft reset.
(we all start heading back to the entrance and the damn demolisher is going so slow, I thought it would be faster to jump out and travel form it)
Roshii: Navi, that's not very nice, Souglyy was in your demo and you left her there.
Me:  What?  Oh shit!  I forgot, crap!
(runs back to demolisher, gets swamped by dwarves and dies)
Aza:  Navi.. nooooooo
Me: whoops.  Hey, how come Souglyy is alive outside the entrance??
Roshii: Why did you die?
Me: I was running back to get my demolisher to save Souglyy =/
Souglyy:  But I'm fine!
Me: ....

Try 2:
Me: Ok I'm not shooting anything until Aza says shoot.
(Aza runs around collecting mobs)
(Aza dies)
Aza: ....
Me: You didn't say shoot!
Roshii:  I was waiting for you to say something and then I just started anway.
Aza:  Reset it.....

Try 3:
So much for a quick achievement :P

People were happy to help me out to do Onyxia 25 man so I could get my achievement Many whelps! Handle it! (25 man).  I asked Aza how many we needed.  He said 2 good tanks, 2 good healers, and about 5 good dps.  So I rounded up as many guildies as I could and then started to look through my cross server buddies.

I dragged Saintvache along for the achievement (after all, it's alliance week this week so I can't do Laid Back Raids, and he decided to share with me that it was too hot or too early to raid with clothes on... I mean WTF :P) and got Dragonray to come too,  and she brought a whole bunch of guildies and some of her own realID friends.  All up we  managed to get about 16 people.

The Frostwolves who went were: Azalpha (Azadelta), Imwifher (Roshii), Imwifhim (Souglyy), Execute, Mctacky, Lushnek, Faithless, Sevros and myself.
Then from The Darkness Within we had: Dragonray, Lominari, Cynewulf, Calagendi
And Nipandtuck who was a realID friend of Dragonray's came, and brought his friend Druidelight.

The achievement wants us to hatch 50 whelplings within 10 seconds of her taking off.  The eggs are located in the side caves and basically 2 people will jump down into those cave/tunnels and touching all the dragon eggs will hatch them.  Az overestimated our DPS, and jumped down a little bit too early.  Nipandtuck couldn't help himself and was telling us how to do the achievement (though the others already have it, hence why they were on their alts, so they know how to do it) but it was ok, we just did it again.  It was on our 3rd go (and by that time I'd decided to tank up to make it easier for everyone) and then we killed her quick smart.  It was quite good because we got all 3 achievements:
And for those who needed it, it was nice and quick and easy.  I was pleased as a cat with cream because I got that achievement I had been lacking for a long time.

This picture of my butt is to remind myself and everyone else that I was tanking
Afterwards, Dragonray wanted to try Ruby Sanctum 10 man, and so Lush, Mctacky and myself went to help her.  Exe tagged along too - I did warn him early that he was going to die to cutter and be as useful as a wet noodle and he got a bit grouchy.  Was true though :P

That went down easily as well!  I couldn't believe I was tanking cutter on the inside, and I didn't stuff it up!  Well, not that I noticed...

It was a nice easy night, and left me enough time to do a few games with Jinj and Aza.  I even dragged Joubran for a game (fortunately we won!) but then it got late and I had to hit the sack.

Wonder what fun and games tonight has in store.


  1. OMG! I for one will never forget that you tanked after seeing you show your butt. It's engraved in my memory forever!

    1. Oh gosh! My butt is so huge! Maybe I should have made the picture smaller...

    2. See? You were the nekkid one.

      Now where's that Sir-Mix-A-Lot...

    3. I wasn't naked... I was wearing the emperors new clothes...


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