You know you're a WoW addict when...

  • You say to your work colleagues "BRB Bio" when you are excusing yourself to go to the bathroom
  • You find yourself making dinner and thinking which World of Warcraft recipe you're making tonight
  • You're so damn tired after work you wish you could just use equipment manager to switch from work clothes to pyjamas
  • You want to hearthstone home from work to get places faster
  • You look at someone's Aston Martin/Ferrari and think "Wow, epic mount"
  • You look forward to server shutdown so you can fold the laundry and go to bed early
  • You think you don't want to cook dinner tonight because you've already maxxed cooking.
  • Your ringtone is some sound from the game, or worse, a murloc
  • Feeding/showering/bedtime with your young children are your "dailies"
  • If someone does something clumsy or stupid you think "OMG what a noob"
  • When you do something good/nice for someone you think you're at least getting reputation with them
  • You watch movies and TV shows and think how you can copy costumes/outfits into some transmog in the game
  • You log into your online banking wondering how much gold you have left
  • When you step away from anything you shout "I'm just going AFK!"
  • When the petrol light in your car comes on, you think "Oh crap, OOM"
  • When work gets crazy and annoying you just want to Alt F4 out of it


  1. If only you could Alt F4 out of work.


  2. When you introduce yourself as a level 85 Tauren druid :P


  3. When you start dreaming you are actually in a boss fight (weekly occurance for me)

    When you call your RL mates by their toon name when out with them

    When you spend all your "spare time" looking up blogs, reading strats, investigating

  4. Lol, nice ones Navi!

    You use slash commands at work through the work instant messenger.
    Your wife, who doesn't play WoW, points out your main's name on the back of license plates.
    You replace the baseball bat next to your night stand with the DOOMHAMMER.

  5. Oh, I definitely do the epic mount one, lol! And I do my banking online and always feel something's wrong as I can't list any auctions on it!

  6. When you read/say lol, roflmao, oom, and other acronyms as words instead of acronyms.

    When you get up at 0600 on weekends to actually get more done than a few dailies before your significant other wakes up and makes you do things like shopping :(

    1. Nah, 0600, try 0500! I can get a good 2hours in before the little ones wake :)

  7. *claps* Great list, Navi! Thanks for a good laugh. :)

    BTW, I know at least one person *cough* Ancient *cough* who introduces herself as a Druid. :D

    ~ Effy

    1. But ... but ... I am a Druid, lol!

    2. @Effy - LOL glad you liked it! :)
      @TotA - Effy is correct. You do say that!

  8. Haha, love these! I've been on business travel recently and have hated the transit process...definitely wished I could just hearth home or buy a mage port! :)

    1. @Ninevi - Ohh that is what I forgot! Wishing you had mage ports to other cities so you could visit people!

  9. Epic, Epic, Epic!!!! I love it!


  10. ROFL! Those are hilarious! I think my favorite one is the "OOM" for having an empty gas tank :P

  11. hahaha, great list! Server shutdown one...totally me. "Time to get stuff done!" ;)

  12. At work or whenever not playing wow your hands still rest on you keybinds. I always do this which catches me out at work when my hands should be resting on alt tab.. hehe sneaky sneaky

  13. When you call your Boss hawk because his in game name is "Sabrehawk" >.>



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