WoW Fan Fiction competition with prizes at Movellas!

I was surprised to see a post about WoW Fan Fiction at WoWRoleplaygear because... well Transmog and costumes is their thing, not fan fiction!  But as I read on, they were broadcasting Movellas' competition, which closes on July 6.  They must be sponsoring it!  That Noelani is one nice fella - lucky Ironyca :D /grin

So put on those thinking hats, get your imagination fired up and show your creative genius to the blogosphere!  We readers will get to vote for our faves so the entries get shortlisted, and then the judges will pick from those.  And there are cool prizes too!  So what are you waiting for?  I look forward to reading the amazing stories from around the World of Warcraft!

(copied straight from Movellas post)

1st prize: Gaming Set from Steel Series (Keyboard, mouse, mousepad, head phones) + a fully detailed 3D replica of your WoW character from
2nd prize: Gaming set from Steel Series
3rd prize: Head phones from Steel Series
4th prize: Head Phones from Steel Series

5th prize: Head phones from Steel Series
6th prize: 2 Wow TCG loot cards (these loot cards contain a code that you can exchange for a pet in WoW)
7th prize: 2 Wow TCG loot cards
8th prize: 2 Wow TCG loot cards


  1. Thanks for this, I saw your Undead story that I loved! I'll have to go back later and read them all!

  2. @TotA - Akabeko has put 3 stories up there already, and I want to vote for them LOL :D

    1. So far I've read yours and her hearthstone one, hopefully have time later to read them all!

  3. Since you have a history of winning the big prizes, I wouldn't be surprised to see you win this one too, hehe. *crosses fingers*

  4. @ironyca - lol is it bad that I only want to win 6th prize? :)


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