Working hard for that Lazy Eye

I am reminded about why achievements are achievements.  Coz they're bloody hard!

1. something accomplished, especially by superior ability, special effort, great courage, etc.; a great or heroic deed
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So there we were again, wiping in Well of Eternity trying to not get seen by silly eyes and running around.  I was feeling like the drag, because I was the one stuffing it up yesterday.  However, today, everyone else's turn to stuff up.  Yay!  Sev came today instead of Lushnek (Lush was in D3) and joined in the wipefest, but he doesn't mind, it's for an achievement (and we got him his bear because Tacky was sleeping, so we can do Tacky's bear some other time).

So Roshii, who was making fun of me yesterday, I was not looking forward to being teased by today for my noobishness.
"Navi, just follow me, this is EASY." Was his quote from yesterday to how I can NOT be seen.  However, this time, first to get seen was Souglyy.  She didn't get seen at all yesterday.  So I couldn't help but say:

"So did Roshii say, hey babe, shoulda just followed me!  It's easy!"

And of course he did :D  I hope Souglyy slapped him!  We all laughed and tried again.  Sev thought he'd be clever and put a portal outside the ring that we were trapped in.  Instant death, LOL.

So Roshii was seen a lot today!  He was seen 3 times!  He tried to blame one on Souglyy because we were trying a technique where you get most people to die so only 2 or 3 people are running around trying to avoid being seen, and Souglyy had died, and she apparently said to him "Wow, look at all these eyes!" and he turned to look at her screen and got distracted and seen!  I thought it might have been more a case of "Wow, look into my eyes... smooch..." LOL

So Az came up with a brilliant plan.  Let's all die and let Navi be the only one up to avoid the eyes and she can rez someone, and Sev can soulstone Az, so Az can get up too.  This was a terrible idea!  All that responsibility... on me??  You're kidding right!!!

"This is a terrible plan!" I said
"You'll be fine, Navi!" said Az
"So I can stuff it up and all the blame goes on me??"
"Oh, and Navi, you have to time it really well when you get someone up so we can kill the boss right away."
"Great!" I said.  "More pressure!"

So we had a great idea for Roshii and Souglyy to kill themselves so me, Sev and Aza (who was on his pally and soulstoned) hung back while the two of them hit Peroth'arn.  What I didn't realise was that the two of them could DPS so hard that they forced the eye transition with them still up and no heals!  So that was a learning experience!

OK so that didn't work and soulstone was used and wouldn't be up for ages, so we decided to just go with me and Az up and everyone else dead (interesting that the only class that can kill themself is a warlock) and so off we went.  Az was giving running commentary which only made it more stressful for me!

Az: "OMG OMG I'm stuffed!  Oh god there's 3 coming I can't do this! Oh I made it I don't know how I did that! OMG OMG OMG"
Navi: "How much longer?  Will this eye phase not end already?"

So we made it!  Sev had killed himself by porting outside the circle again and so I got Roshii up and we finally got Lazy Eye.  Phew!

After that I couldn't face any more dungeons, so I needed some PvP to wind down.  Shab was waiting anyway, it's Monday and we usually PvP on Monday.  So we did some BGs, won all of them, and it was a very good night, no trolls!  I even had some really polite people!  In the Twin Peaks run, the feral druid emoted thanks to me when I was with him (he was FC) and was very polite to me in whispers for staying to heal him.  I thought that was nice.  In AB, the priest and I saluted each other and we worked well together keeping each other up when we were gang rushed in mines, fortunately we didn't both go down together so we kept them off the flag for ages.  That was nice.  In Gilneas, Sev was so busy trying to get his Wrecking Ball achievement, we didn't realise poor Souglyy who was on the flag had died and we had to rush back to save Lighthouse.  Well I rushed back and I had to tell Sev to stop farming HKs and get the hell back to our flag.  But we won that so it was all good anyway.

All in all, a good night!



  1. Grats on your achievement!

    You know I never thought of that. I knew my Warlock's could kill themselves but didn't realize they were the only class that could. I'm not telling them,they already think they're so special.

  2. @TotA - Damned work computers! I have had to computer hop because my own work computer is so damn old that it won't even let me use the drop box to choose a profile and won't support the new blogger interface so I stare at a blank screen! Anyway, TY! It was hard work that achievement, but patience pays off I guess. You see, Amijade was right, there is something special about warlocks...


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