Whoops! Don't ever let me queue for things when I'm not healing!

Last night I thought I would cut my wait times for Ahune by queueing as a tank.  I mean, how hard is it right?  So I grabbed Mab and Lushnek (made poor Lushnek heal me) and then we queued.

So loading screen is coming up... is that Deathwing on Wyrmrest?

Oh shit.  I've queued a random heroic Hour of Twilight.

When I got in, I apologised profusely to the group before I left.  I felt bad.  Lushnek and Mab left too so we were all left with the 30min deserter debuff.  So I had to go find things to do.

Dragonray was AFK so she came back and responded to my request for her to join me in Ahune but I told her she'd have to wait for 30 mins now...

Anyway, after doing some Midsummer stuff and archaeology the debuff wore off and so I got Dragonray (Heartfyre), Mab and Lushnek back into the group and we queued for Ahune.  I felt so bad, I was tanking like crap and thinking the PuG would think I was really bad!  At the end they thanked us for the run and I left dungeon, but was still in party.

Then Dragonray told us that the PuG was her GM in her other guild???!!  How bizarre is that!  She wrote about it on her blog, and I thought that was just amazing coincidence.  How small is the World of Warcraft, right??

Anyway, still no Ice Chip.  Can only keep trying...


  1. Oh no, that was a dangerous idea to put in my Druid's head. I mean it's just that one elemental you have to tank really and the queue is so long. Hmmm ...

  2. and of course you forgot to mention the berating you gave yourself in guild chat. Using caps and all. I think it would have been funnier if we were on vent at that time as well. LOL


  3. @TotA - If you can stand doing it with people you don't know then it's totally possible!
    @Ayelena - Indeed, the swear words pouring out of my mouth was almost PvP worthy.


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