Wednesday Raiding - Ulduar 10 man non meta achievements

So I wanted to do Ulduar and get those elusive non meta achievements, which most people don't have anyway.  I had a discussion with someone yesterday (non WoW related) about making the ground rules clear from the beginning so we don't have misunderstandings or controversy, so I had to be the big nasty Den mother and say we're doing THESE achievements, on these bosses, so don't ask for other achievements, but we WILL do achievements for those bosses that we aren't trying anything special for if you need.  So everyone in the raid seemed happy with that and there was no drama.

The worst fight, oddly enough was Flame Leviathan.  Poor Souglyy.  She couldn't zone into Ulduar and she needed Dwarfageddon so we were waiting for her, and Aza had collected them up and was trying NOT to die, but he was getting so low after a while I said we couldn't wait and I went and killed them, so poor Souglyy missed the achievement.  I will come back next week and do it with her and also help Ayelena work on his Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare.  Yes, I know I've done it a million times, but I don't mind helping, after all, so many people have done so many favours for me in the last few weeks it's the least I can do.

We wiped on Flame Leviathan because 3 people needed to be thrown up, and we were doing Orbitu-uary for Ayelena anyway.  We got 2 up and I stuffed up trying to throw Ayelena up because I was face on with FL and threw it directly into FL's face and somehow that threw Ayel right over FL.  So that was a wipe.  But we went back and did it again so Roshii, McTacky and Ayelena all got their Take out those Turrets.

We did Heartbreaker for XT, and then because I really wanted to get to Vezax, we went straight to Kologarn and did With Open Arms, and quite a few people needed that so that was good. Then we did Nine Lives on Auriaya which was easy and annoying (we were trying for Olympic rings but failed!) and then on to Hodir who, was killed so quickly every achievement on him was done for Ayelena (I could say this Cache was rare, Getting Cold in Here, I have the Coolest Friends, Cheese the Freeze).  Then onto Thorim, and I was hoping they could get Don't Stand in the Lightning, and all the ranged were excellent and not standing in the lightning, but not the little backstabby rogue... Roshii got hit by lightning because he said I wasn't clear enough with my instructions (Stay away from the little ball things), because he was hitting Thorim from behind.  LOL.  Doesn't matter, can come back and do that another day.  I still need that on 25 man.  Lose your Illusion and I'll take you all on were also "achieved".

Yeah Ok, no olympic rings..

Freya had 2 achievements I needed, and so we did Lumberjacked and Deforestation, WOOO!  We also got Getting back to nature and Con-speed-atory for those who needed it too.

Mimiron had 2 achievements I wanted to get, but we at least got Set Up Us the Bomb, which was great - gosh so easy when we're not doing it hardmode!

Finally at Vezax.  I wanted Shadowdodger, which turned out to be very easy to get because we weren't doing it hardmode, and Roshii was complaining at me because I didn't want anyone to stuff it up because it could be hard when you're lagging or not paying attention.

Roshii: "Nav, it's so EASY!"
Aza: "Yeah, because you're MELEE!"
Roshii: "No, how hard is it to avoid the big thing coming towards you?  You've got heaps of time to move out!"
Navi: "Oh, about as hard as it to avoid the lightning in Thorim, hey Roshii?  Because you know THAT was really easy..."
Roshii:  "Aww, come on, you didn't say stay out of the chain lightning, you said avoid the dotty things... what dotty things?"
Navi: "Well, you were sitting next to Souglyy and SHE knew what she was doing, she didn't get hit, so she understood what I was saying!"
Roshii: "... so mean."

So that was that done.  Anyway, onto Yogg next and we decided to do it with Alone in the darkness, so we couldn't do any of the other achievements.  Will do those next time, with all keepers up, so I need to pop into yogg's brain and experience the visions.  I think lots of us need them.

Anyway back to Council, and people should have got But I'm on Your side, but I don't know why Ayelena didn't get his...  the others did.  We also did I choose you, Runemaster Molgelm.

And Algalon... we got to do Supermassive yay! And Observed was done for those who needed it.

So we did Ignis and got Shattered for Ayelena and Aza, and that was the raid all wrapped up!  A fun night, and I'm happy I've cracked the 13200 barrier for achievements.

Sorry for the lack of pics, I'll fix that up when I get home.


  1. Dayum Achievees Queen! Grats on everyone's achivees!

  2. @Arvash - I did look for you... but those damn time zone differences.... :P

  3. I didn't get "But I'm on your Side" cause I used the flask and changed, then I accidently hit my metamorph, which transformed into a demon. Then when that expired, I was back to my old self and lost the iron dwarf transform. I'll make sure I don't metamorph next time.

    I was super happy last night as I got 315 acheivement points, so now I'm at 11425.



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