Wednesday raiding - Naxxramas achievements

What to do on a Wednesday when you know there is a 25% Dragon Soul nerf and we would love to have another crack at Heroic Spine???

You beg for tanks.

Hwired is out of the question.  He needs a break.  Let him go play with his mates in D3 for a while and maybe he'll come back to tank for us.  Ummm.... yeah, and maybe Firelands will freeze over become the new Winterspring.

Oh look, Nabe is in D3!  Maybe he'll come?  Oh, he says that Fue will kill him because they have been waiting all week to do something that's really hard in D3 and this is the only day they can do it.  OK.  Guess that's not going to happen then.

OMG, look, Ayelena and Faith are on!  We can take them for a nice laid back raid then!  Something fun with achievements - I see Ayelena is paying attention to the things I'm saying now that he's not in D3 getting caught up with the intenseness of Nightmare mode.

What to do what to do... Roshii is on his way home from visiting Souglyy so we better not do something he needs.  How about... a Naxx run?  A 25 man one!  Then I can finally get Spore Loser!

People seemed keen.  Aza tanked it on his Pally.  And he brought his realID friend over.  Peanut, the druid, I had just invited his priest into our guild as a social, since he was friends with Az, and he brought a Warlock friend.  Aza said that he was in the same rated BG as Swifty.  I was dumbstruck.  Swifty?  The Warrior?  The one who makes those cool PvP videos back in vanilla?  I still have one of his videos and I watch it with the kids, it was pretty cool!  Fanstruck much??  I asked Aza if it was the REAL Swifty.  He said it was.  Wow!!

Anyway, a few people needed some achievements - Shocking being one of them - and some had no achievements at all.  So we did almost every achievement that we could do.  I think we did them all, and we got Spore Loser as well.  So that was fantastic, I was thrilled!  30 more points till I hit 13000!  There was a fair bit of transmog gear to be had too - mostly swords, which don't interest me much.

So that was a nice finish to the night.  Nabe said he and Fue would come on Thursday.  Yay!  Maybe we can do just one dragon soul raid a week, and that would make me happy.


  1. When life gives you nerfs, make Naxx-anade!

  2. @Matty - What a great slogan!

  3. I never said Fue will come too, but we will see :)
    Tonight maybe my last time in WoW though, not sure if I will be about for panda's


  4. I had a lot of fun last night and my elbow was well rested. WOW is less mouse intense than D3, so my elbow got a rest.


  5. Almost 13000! I am impressed that's almost all there is! Hey, when are you going to mention your cool shop!

  6. @TotA - It's not really ready yet... and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to use my chibi there, like copyright reasons. And TY for being my first customer!!!

  7. Early congrats on getting [OMG, Over 13000!], lol. I'd like to join you guys if I could, I needs me moar achievees!

  8. @Arvash - I'll need to hit you up for some realID if you wanna do that mr prancing pony! :) but sounds good!


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