Wednesday raiding - ICC 25 heroic

Clearing the 4 wings of ICC 25 on Heroic mode is the last thing I need for my mount.  It is exciting thinking that we might get there this week!

However, the paucity of tanks is always an issue.  Tacky and I are the only 2 main spec healers there, and without tanks, I have to try and tank in my cat form which isn't very good (perhaps I should switch it to bear tank and practice some of that stuff I did research for - what better time than in a raid?).  I was disappointed Tout didn't come and tank - he was too busy eating dinner.  Pfft.  Dinner.  You can eat in front of the computer!

Fortunately for us, D3 was going down so we managed to drag our illustrious leader out to tank for us.  Our group consisted of Aza, Sev, Lushnek, Roshii, Souglyy, Tacky, Navi, Sabrehawk, Ayelena, Faith and Fue.  Fue was in top form last night and was actually a great source of amusement.

Fue: Who the hell's Sabrehawk?
Us: Umm, he's in the guild, he's been going to alt runs...
Me: He's Voe's friend.
Lush:  Sabre!  Meet Fue, our guild leader!
*uncomfortable silence from Sabre*
Me: You scared him.
Fue: Oh, hi there, sorry I've been kinda away.  I thought maybe it was someone's alt or something.

So we did have a few attempts at H Marrowgar but DPS weren't breaking out the spikes fast enough.  And I was tanking and I was dying coz... I suck I think.  Anyway Fue came to save the day, I could go back to healing and Lush could stop healing and DPS instead, so it was wins all round.  A shield dropped and Fue said "Could I take that for Transmog?"  and I nearly fell off my chair.

Me: Did he say Transmog?
Fue:  My shield is damn ugly.
Me:  Since when does Fue transmog?
Fue: Since my shield is ugly.
Aza: Here Fue take it.
Me to Bel/Nabe: Your brother just said he was going to Transmog his shield!  OMG who kidnapped your brother and replaced him>
Nabe to me: He's lost his marbles (edit: I don't remember exactly what Nabe said but it was along those lines)

Immediately I started thinking about Mogjacking an outfit for Fue.... upcoming post idea!

Anyway, so we did Heroic: Storming the Citadel (25 man) and Heroic: The Plagueworks (25 man) by 11pm.  Gutsy joined us for a little, and he had a few tips on the heroic bosses which was quite useful to me.

Hopefully tonight, we can finish off the other wings.  Heroic Lich King though... on 25 man.... requires a bit more tan 11 people.  Aza says 15 people.  Fue said he won't be on.  Maybe Tout will be guilt tripped into getting on tonight after reading this post.  One can only hope.


  1. Fue, such a great source of entertainment =D

    oo excitement for the Mogjacking of our CaptFuefue!

  2. I had a lot of fun again last night and I hope we can do the same again tonight. Fue was really funny when he said he wanted the shield to mog his, cause it looked ugly. I would be interested to see what you come up with for Capt. Fue and a transmog outfit, as you're the queen of mogging.

    Also, tout definately needs to be guilt tripped into tanking for us tonight. I eat my dinner in front of my PC every night, except when I have my grandson over, then it's at the dinner table. (only cause his mother gave me a hard time when I let him eat at the computer once).


  3. The Mind Controlled People kept killing me last night!

  4. Hope you get to finish up tonight. And I'll be anxiously awaiting the results of the Fue mogjacking!

  5. @Faith - i have to pick something easy or he won't do it!
    @ayelena - i say in front of My computer a lot too!
    @mctacky - what can i say Tacky, people are jealous of paladins!
    @TotA - boy pallies are so hard!


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