Trinket buddies - Pets that fight for you!

Trinkets can be fun and surprise you - there are quite a number of trinkets that on activation have a companion who will fight for you or... just hang around and do silly things.  Here are a few that I've collected whilst redoing all the zones in Cataclysm.

Dog Whistle, which drops from Houndsmaster Locksey in Scarlet Monastery, summons this cool looking mastiff, who aggros stuff.  I was reading Ancient's post about how she'd be a Dog Vendor and it reminded me of this trinket.

Horn of the Traitor, summons the Spirit of Cliffwatcher Longhorn, and forces this Grimtotem  spy to fight for you.  You get it as a reward from the quest of the same name.

Commander's Badge summons this Netherwing Ally to fight at your side.  This is a quest reward from Hail, Commander! in Shadowmoon Valley down in the Netherwing area.

Gus' First Aid Kit (a reward from the quest Gargantapid in Tanaris) summons a Goblin Nurse.  He's a funny little thing, and will say one of these things:
  • Say "Ahhhhh".
  • Take two potions and call me in the morning.
  • Turn your head and cough twice.
  • When was your last check up?
  • Where does it hurt? (LOL, human medics say this in Starcraft!)
  • You should consider losing some weight.
Rhea's Last Egg, which I mentioned in a previous post, summons this red whelpling to fight for you.  It's the quest reward from The Egg Lives on, in Badlands, which is part of the Wrathion storyline.

This Crimson Cannon is summoned by Cannonball Runner, which drops from Willey Hopebreaker in Stratholme.   It shoots at enemies in front of you.

These stupid servants were misbehaving.  I couldn't get them to stand properly for a picture.  Very disobedient servants!  These 3 servants from the House of Barov come when you use the Barov Servant Caller and are supposed to fight, cook and clean for you.  Lazy bums did none of that.  You get this trinket from the quest Barov Family Fortune in Scholomance.

This Windmill Lance is summoned from Toy Windmill, a quest reward from the Ballad of Maximillan in Un'goro Crater.  Boy is it massive!  And it does attack for you as well.

The Vanquished Tentacle of C'Thun and the Vanquished Clutches of Yogg-Saron are cool trinkets summoning these giant beauties!  They drop from their vanquished old gods respectively.

Those are just some of the TRINKETS that I have that summon little allies/companions.  If you can think of any more (they have to be trinkets!  Yes, I know the Bloodsail Admiral's hat can summon a parrot but it's not a trinket!) feel free to drop me a line or a reply.  Have fun playing with your new friends!


  1. Had to check my bank to see if there were others I could find and found Defender of the Timbermaw. you get a Timbermaw Ancestor to fight and heal you.

    And they changed the Dog Whistle! I'll have to try to get another one now that it isn't limited to three uses!

    1. @TotA - Ooh, I don't have that, I don't know where mine went! And you should go get that dog whistle! Now you can have a pet dog all the time!

  2. Darn lazy Barov servants, it always irked me that they didn't actually cook and clean for me.... rabble rabble

    Nice post!! I didn't realize a couple of these existed.

  3. @Cymre - Thx :)
    @Euphy - They are the laziest bums! I couldn't get them to stay out for more than 10 seconds! I hope I helped you get some new trinkies to play with :)

  4. I know it's not a pet trinket, but the Rainbow Generator is pretty awesome. You get to shoot a rainbow at a target every 10 min! It's from the quest Open Their Eyes in Felwood. Saw it last night in a LBRS run.

  5. @tophloaf - Ty for visiting! I have that trinket, it is really cool! But because it isn't a pet or companion it didn't make it into this post. I have a trinket collecting problem ><

  6. Oh no, my eyes! I shouldn't have come back before I did the work I have to do! I cannot unsee Rainbow Generator that @tophloaf mentioned. I must have this! I must have this now!

  7. What about the Elemental Dragonling?

  8. Is it wrong that I get the lance on every character I level just because using it in pvp is amusing?

    They aren't quest rewards but the jewelcrafting trinkets also summon little pets for a brief duration, i.e.

    Also we can't forget the tentacles ( plus what ever the one you get in Ulduar is called.

    There is also the two from the last Scourge event, the Argent War Horn and the Book which hit people. I liked having my own bubble and hearthstoning pet Paladin :D

    Think my favourites are the Brewmaidens from the Brewfest though. They always a staple of our kill screenshots.

  9. @TotA - LOL go get it girl!
    @Arvash - Oooh I don't have that! Must go find!
    @Erinys - Ah, is that the one Arv was talking about? And I totally forgot about those tentacles! I know someone who has them, and I'll update my post. Oh and the Brewmaidens! I forgot them too! I did have them but I threw them out to make space in my bags for all my clothes.... gosh! I don't have the items from the Scourge event... :( but I was there for it! I wish we had more epic event stuff like that happening in WoW.

    1. "Ah, is that the one Arv was talking about?"

      Nope, the Dragonling is an engineering trinket, not jewelcrafting.

  10. The dog whistle is still one of my favs. I have it on several toons.
    I just got Horn of the Traitor friday while questing.
    I love the Gus first aid one too had that in my bank for a while.
    Rhea's Last Egg I never heard of so I have added it to my list!

  11. @pando - you will love it and the story is great too!


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