Last week's Thursday raiding - Heroic 10 man ICC

Though official Dragon Soul raiding is over, it doesn't mean that we still can't play together!  Aza put together a 10 man heroic ICC run, doing PURELY heroic clears without the other achievements, and that was fun!  Besides, the guild still needed Heroic Lich King kill for the achievement.

There were 3 achievements I got that day, Heroic: Fall of the Lich King, Neck-Deep in Vile and Bane of the Fallen King.  Only 2 showed, and the guild achievement didn't show on my screen either.

Anyway, the strategy we used was so different to how you are supposed to do it (essentially it was a burn!) and we spent so many times wiping trying to do it, we had to pull in a few extras to make that little bit of difference.

So our successful burn strategy was to stand in the original positions, make sure you move out of that black flare thing on the ground that blows up and knocks you off, and didn't bother dispelling the disease.  At least healing through Infest was easy.  Then once we hit the ice phase, the ranged stood in the ice and DPS'd LK and the orbs, and the melee came out and DPSd the spirits.  Basically it went so quick that it transitioned straight back into another ice then into the spirits phase.  The first time that happened we didn't know that happened that it went like this:

"OK ice phase is finished, everyone back in."
"No wait, it's another ice phase, everyone back out!"
"I think it's going straight into the next phase..."
"Shit shit everyone back in!"
"Oh crap, I just got out here and the ice fell off..."
"You told me to step out here!"
"OMG I didn't know it was going to do that."
"We got this, we got this!"

So the next go we had it.  That was cool!  I ended up with Valius, Gavel of the Lightbringer to play with, so I have to think how I'd use that in a transmog.  A blue set!  Just what I need :D  Thanks to Aza for organising the run, it was awesome!


  1. That was such a fun night. I love that we get the opportunity to go back now and finish off some of the old raids and achievements. It's all fun and laughing again :)

    Souglyy (Baha)

  2. @Souglyy - It is good just having laid back raids again. It reminds us all what raiding in our guild is really about - playing with your friends, and having fun.

  3. heroic content mumble grumble... 2 bosses left ...... :(

    doing old content is still fun tho


  4. @Roshii - Not everyone has the drive to do it :) Just go with the flow!

  5. I need to pay more attention to my chat window in D3 :(


  6. Yay Frostwolves! I was going to say summer is time for fun but then I don't know if it's summer there like it is here, probably not since we're upside down to each other.

  7. @ayelena - I should just call you since you ignore my tells
    @TotA - yep we are upside-down as it is Winter now. Do you know you killed it before me :)

    1. that would work. D3 gets very intense on nightmare level and I get really focused.


  8. Replies
    1. That is still big time on my list!


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