Thursday raiding - Dragon Soul achievements

You see, there's nothing like the word "fun" and "achievements" that makes people come out to raid.  And a bit of begging doesn't go astray either.

Nabe says he's not coming back for pandas, so he said he would come raid today.  Yay!  I managed to log on 1 minute before he logged, and then I had to round everyone up.  I was hoping to do heroic dragon soul for our farm bosses, but since I was the only healer... that wasn't going to happen.  I even tried to get Gutsy for an hour, but to no avail.  That old man had to get up early to go to work the next morning.  But it was ok.  I thought about it, I had Lushnek - I can always count on Lushnek - to heal with me.  But that would mean a normal clear.  Or some other fun raid.

So I managed to round up Tout, Ayelena, Faith, Aza, Roshii, Souglyy, Belinia/Nabe, Lushnek and myself.  I was trying to get Nabe to get Fue on, and then I thought OMG oops, Sev has been online talking!  Fun raids?  He'll come!  But he won't come for stick in the mud raids.

So I decided, we will do a normal dragon soul, but we are going to do every achievement we can do.  Sev was in for that.

Though I was disappointed we weren't doing heroic Dragon Soul, even for farm bosses, the prospect of achievements is always exciting.  Especially since we would get one that I was dying to get - Taste the Rainbow.

So Morchok, was easy, tell everyone to spread out during that black phase.  And that was Don't Stand So Close to Me done.  Roshii decided to stay IN for black phase and died and then said healers were slack for not healing him.  I'm not going to move forward and jeopardize people's achievement!  I told him he was silly and he got grumpy at me and wouldn't speak for the longest while during the raid.

Then onto Zon'ozz.  We just had to bounce the ball 10 times, which I had forgotten how easy Zon'ozz was on normal.  I'm yelling, "Run out, Az" when he had the debuff on to dispel him, and he said "This is normal Navi, just dispel me."  Oh yeahhhhh!  Whoops!  I forgot to top Faith up though and killed her with a dispel, but those who needed it got Ping Pong champion.

Then Yor'sahj.  Most people needed just two combinations - Red/Green or Purple/Yellow.  So we had to kill Yor'sahj REALLY SLOW.  And it was funny just having 3 blobs and we had to manually call out what to kill.  I had forgotten how good life was without purple debuff on.  Roshii died and I didn't want to rez him, because we didn't really need him alive just yet since we were trying to hold of killing Yor'sahj.  And then when Yor'sahj was REALLY low and an accidental hit could have killed him, out came Purple/Yellow/Some-other-colour-don't-care-what and then I got Roshii up and we killed the other-colour blob and then I was like "Yes!!!" and we killed Yorsahj and bang!  Taste the rainbow!  Go look up Urban dictionary.  I bet you didn't know that Taste the rainbow meant trying out homosexual love, even though it is the slogan for Skittles.

Then onto Hagara.  The Holding Hands achievement has always been my favourite because I was the one who figured out how to do it (well after watching youtube videos).  So the first go was a wipe, I blame Tout because he was on the phone for work and didn't know what was going on, and the second time we got it, and I was so pleased.  Souglyy was really thrilled.

Then onto Ultraxion.  I thought oh oh oh, maybe we can do this heroic?  But then I forgot about Minutes to Midnight, which would be hard on heroic, and in all honesty, I had forgotten what normal Ultraxion was like, only one person has to stay out anyway, and it doesn't really hurt that much.  So Nabe went first, then Roshii, then Aza, and then Souglyy.  Aza stayed out but didn't use his bubble for some reason, and died, but fortunately Tout, whom we forgot wasn't in Vent, stayed out as well, so that was ok.  And that achievement was done.  Easy peasy.

Then onto Warmaster.  I didn't think we could do Deck Defender.  I even said at the beginning, "We're only going to have 5 goes at this and then we'll forget the achievement."  I think everyone was excited about how well we had been going doing achievements, that they were all pretty focussed.  Of course, we stuffed up a few times.  We wiped because I missed one, Ayelena missed one ... then so Roshii spoke for the first time since Morchok, about an addon called Raidachievement which tracks the achievement, so we went and got that, and it DID work, it announced if we stuffed up Deck Defender.  We had 2 more wipes after that, and some close calls - Ayelena just managed to get his!  I wanted to slap Tout because everytime we stuffed up he would say "What happened?  I got my one, not my fault!" Tacky logged on after one of the wipes and asked how we were going - I was tempted to say "We're in the middle of raiding, could you shut your gob for a second?" but he may not have read my Aussie post so I didn't want him to get offended.  However, this made me laugh:

LOL, we were wiping on boat for an achievement - was that any better than wiping on it to get heroic down?  I just had to laugh.  So, the next attempt we were doing well and we got all the swirlies and then it was Phase 2 and we were excited - "Nobody die!" Az yelled.  And so we all focussed on Blackhorn and nobody got killed in the shockwave, or maybe it just doesn't hurt anymore...  Anyway, woot we got the achievement!

So then we did Spine, and we got Deathwing to do his left right left right rolls and that was Maybe He'll get Dizzy... done.

Onto Madness, and this is not one you can complete in one go.  Where the hell was Augment??  He could have gotten his legendaries!  Oh well!  A lot of people needed the starting on Alexstrasza's platform step for their achievement, so we did that.  I was hesitant because we were going with 2 healers, and I had 2 healed Madness before, but it was fine!  Green button helps a lot too!  So quite a few people finished off their Chromatic Champion, so that was brilliant.

It was a really fun night.  It felt like it had been so long since we all had fun in Dragon Soul, and it was great to have Faith and Ayelena there (I think they were happy to be there too).  And LOOKIE I JUST NEED ONE MORE ACHIEVMENT TO GET TO 13000!!! 12990!!!!


  1. It was a fantastic night and this is what playing a game should be about. I really enjoyed last night and was especially happy to break the 11,000 point barrier. Although, I'm going to have to keep an eye on you Navi, your 15 mil away from my number one spot on the guild activity totals.


  2. Oh, maybe we could look at doing some of the other cata raids for you next achieve.


  3. Congrats! Sounds like you (mostly) had fun. :D

  4. I had so much fun in this raid and I got 3 achivements I needed, but it's funny because I forgot what alot of the bosses were like on normal lol. Even though we haven't been 'serious' raiding, I'm so happy that we are still raiding & it's fantastic that we are going back and getting the achievments, got to love achievments :) I'm in 3rd spot now :) woot woot :)


  5. @Ayelena - Glad you could make it and I could drag you away from D3.
    @Kamalia - it was heaps of fun! LOL, and the amount of transmog swords that dropped was incredible!
    @Souglyy - I forgot too, it was funny hey! Yay on 3rd spot, I'd better guard my position a bit more, hey!

  6. Navi I will never catch you!


  7. Really happy that we got those last achieve's.. now we just need the two heroic ones ;)



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