Things that annoy me about blogs and blogging

Sometimes I want to write and reply and things just get the hell up my nose and I get so fed up that I decide not to write or comment!  Here are the top 5 things that make me cranky when I'm trying to write or leave comments.

1. Gravatar
 Yes it IS kinda cool, and it's easy and whatever to set up, but it just logs itself out every now and then (well every day it feels like)  and so I write some great comment on someone's blog go to submit it, think it's ok, not realising it's gone to the login screen of the gravatar thing and I've had to AFK and my computer shuts down or internet gets disconnected and my comment got eaten by the interweb zombies.  This is mostlya problem for me at work because I do a lot of blogging and reading blogs at work and so I have to AFK a lot to actually DO work sometimes (how DARE work interfere with my blogging and reading SHEESH!).

2. Old computers
My work computer that I sometimes use has IE that is SO OLD that it won't support my blogger interface, and it loads so slow, and the drop boxes don't work, so that I can't even reply to comments on my own blog because I haven't "chosen a profile".  Well I'm TRYING to choose a profiile you piece of S*&^ computer but you won't let me!

3. Autocorrect
Doing stuff from my iPad is damn annoying because of the autocorrect and sometimes I don't even see that it's done the autocorrect because I'm so busy 2 finger typing that I want to get out all my thoughts before I forget what I was going to say.  Some of the autocorrects have been terrible!

4. Smartphones
Why do I even try to read on my smartphone.  Yes I can read it but when I try to touch the tiny button that's 1mm big and then try to zoom in and end up touching some other link on the screen and my web browser goes to some other page.. really bad when I've written a reply and then accidentally hit a button (especially when trying to zoom in or move the screen around and the dumb thing wants to go to the next post) and my beautiful comment is gone. @$#%!!!!

5. Prove You're not a Robot
Do you know how many times I've gotten it wrong??  Or the thing I'm typing has autocorrected itself and failed?  Or I've thought the comment went through and it didn't because it sat at the prove you're not a robot and my internet went off and I lost it?  Argh!  In fact, I hated it so much I took it off my own site - I would rather deal with spam then make my poor readers suffer with having to prove they are not robots.  I was happy the day Matty took hers off so that's why I go there and comment all the time now.  But quite a few people still have theirs and I know it's because you hate spam, but damn, you'll get my pageviews but you won't get my comments coz they keep getting eaten or lost.

Ok.  Rant over.  Back to my reading list...


  1. I can relate to the last three but I haven't been logged out of Gravatar before. free wordpress yes though. I always found that annoying every couple of weeks.

    Autocorrect happens mostly on my tweets, I've only ever done one post through my phone and once is enough...

    I agree, the captcha tests are annoying but I think I'm getting better a deciphering the alphanumeric codes. I was trialling one before (for a day) but I use several plugins for spam.

  2. @Cymre - I just cracked the shits today because I had a beautiful long comment and it got eaten up and I thought about all the times it had happened to me and got crankier!

  3. I'm glad I'm not worried if I lose a post, cause I type it in notepad first then paste, not lost one ever.


  4. That's a great idea Ayelena, I'll have to remember that one. Auto correct, OMG! I had to stop even trying to comment on the iPad. So now I feel bad that the blogs I read early never get comments because on the trip from downstairs to upstairs I forget to go back!

    I get those captchas wrong all the time. I'd think the fact that I'm getting them wrong would prove I'm a HUMAN cause real robots probably wouldn't make that many mistakes!

  5. @ayel - is there a notepad on iPad?
    @TotA - LOL you might be right there!

    1. I don't have an iPad, so I don't know. I'll try and find out for you.


  6. Navi,

    there is Notes on the iPad. Its a default application. Even backs up to the computer. There are HEAPS of text editors, document writing type applications as well.

    Also you can use something like Flipboard or another reader to read blogs much more easily on a phone.

    I can't even read blogs at work (on the work computers) and you're whinging about slow ones ;P Can't use my phone/iPad either as they aren't allowed in the building.


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