That's what friends are for...

For good times, and bad times, I'll be on your side forever more...

So we worked on some dungeon achievements on Sunday night, after we did a bear run for Souglyy.  Tacky's turn next if his net doesn't crap itself again.

So,we started with Hour of Twilight so we could do Eclipse.  It was good because I haven't got that one either - all you have to do is kill 10 twilight sparks during the Benedictus fight.  But damn, that fight starts to really hurt after a while when people are running around, especially with the waves and the twilight shear.  I'm sure I tried to dispel it and it didn't come off, but it says you can dispel it.  Anyway, that was a pretty easy achievement to get.

Then we went to End Time so the others could get Moonguard.  I remember doing that one with Glowbie when we ran a dungeon together on her tauren priest that she had on Dath'remar!  We didn't get Sylvanas so that was a bum, next time.

Then next up was Well of Eternity.  I am really bad when it comes to those eyes.  I got caught twice, Lushnek got caught once, and then Aza got caught but he bubbled and that Raid Achievement addon didn't say fail so we kept going and killed Peroth'arn.  Oh well, we failed that one.  Better luck tonight!

I was so looking forward to gettign to 13100 that I really needed one more achievement so I begged Aza, Roshii and Baha to get on their alliance toons so I could kill them in Wintersgrasp.  Aza is hard to kill :(  But he is 85 after all, so it shouldn't be a walk in the park!  Poor Roshii and Baha were toast and I did feel guilty every time I killed them.  One time, they were shooting me when I was trying to kill Aza and I got that bloodhaze you get when you're being attacked and I turned on them and killed them.  I had even ignored Roshii when he said "Let me kill this mob I'm about to ding!" and I was back to trying to kill Aza.  There were 3 areas I needed to go to kill people and my dear friends helped me with all of them - thank you so much!

Keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can always count on me... for sure... that's what friends are for...

I forgot that I had gotten some extra achievements over the weekend from PvP.  Got two new achievements from Strand of the Ancients.  Glad to have them out of the way :)


  1. Grats! Currently 3 guildies and I are knocking out cata Dungeon Cheeves Its been Really hard with pug healers who 1). won't log vent and 2) are poorly geared but we seem to get most so far I have only 7 to gain now and a new mount ^_^

    That eclipse one i got with a guild team some time ago.

  2. @Vyx - I have one to go and then I'll be free! Maybe I can help you if you need sometime :) just don't tell your guildies, pretend I'm a pug and maybe they'll think I'm the awesomest PuG healer ever!

  3. Grats on all those shiny new achievements!

    And you DO have great friends, to let you beat them up mercilessly for the sake of an achievement :P

    1. @Kamalia - I know right? Who other than a friend would let you kill them constantly?? <3 Frosties!


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