Someone had been reading Cynwise's Portrait Psychology!

I am too vain to do what Cynwise had suggested - mog your gear into the lower PvP gear so that people will underestimate you, think that you're weaker than you are.  I like my black and red look with my felpuppy on a stick.  However, I *could* see how that would work, if you are someone who recognises things by gear, but as I am someone who looks at health bars and actual numbers, that psychology doesn't work on me - I hardly even see the faces of my attackers, let alone their gear.

However, Aza does.  Yesterday when we were PvPing with Arvash, Aza in mid game said "Wow, this guy is good!"  He obviously wasn't referring to me - I'm not a guy.  Anyway, it was Strand (SotA was the double honour BG last weekend) and we were on the defense side and it was a pretty good game - we were going to win it.  As I was noobfiring a demolisher and Aza was running back towards me to the same demo (Arv never seemed to need much healing - and damn he defused those bombs faster than me) and as a shaman fell before our Hordish onslaught and a demolisher fell apart a few steps from him.

"That shaman," said Aza, "is really awesome."
"The one next to the demo?" I didn't get a good look.  I just saw a body fall, couldn't tell what it was.
"Yeah, he's awesome, he has been reading Cynwise."
My ears pricked up.  "Oh?"
"Did you see what he did?  He transmogged his gear into the crafted PvP set, and Cynwise said to mog to a lower PvP gear that so people would write you off, and he did exactly that!  I saw him on the beach and I totally ignored him and was focussing on the rogue.  Then when I went to kill him he had a ton of health and I realised holy crap, he's in full cata gladiator AND season 11 elite too!"

That leads me into my not-so secret project that I was planning for me and Sev.  Half done as a lark, and half as something to confuse our opponents, we had a transmog project planned.  His is finished, mine is still missing one piece.  I hope to bring you the details in a post soon!


  1. I'd mog my gear, but the pally cata gladiator gear looks too damn good!

  2. I read what Cynwise said and my Warlock is wearing the low level crafted PvP gear, except it doesn't work for her cause she's actually wearing it, lol.

    She does however have the Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator helm, very scary. I'm hoping that alone scares everyone off or at least makes them think she's too crazy to mess with!

    Look forward to seeing your outfits!

  3. @Shannon - Obviously only fools DPS :)
    @Arvash - I agree. Pally Cata glad looks amazing!
    @TotA - Oh you made me giggle reading that! If I can get this last piece =/

  4. Can we transmog to heirloom gear? Lol

    1. @Arvash - pretty sure we can't!

    2. then I vote for clown outfits, that'll leave the alliance scratching their heads while we pound them in

  5. Why I love potion of illusion in battlegrounds, when I turn into the opposing has fooled a few! Can't wait to see what your top secret project is...!

    1. @Matty - if those RNG gods would be so kind... I would have that post up sooner!


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