See I make, me sandstone drake!

Last two truegolds today!  Thank goodness for guildies!

So here I am, lots of gold poorer, but looking all sandstoney and drakey :)  Thanks to all my dear friends who helped me:
  • Lushnek for the ores and herbs and AH stuff, and spare truegold
  • Souglyy with all the volatiiles and xmutes
  • Nabe/Bel for his bazillion xmutes (OMG I'm so sorry!!!!)
  • Ayelena for all the volatiles
  • Aza for all those lovely Volatiles
  • Roshii for the volatiles and xmute
  • Biship for the xmute
  • Shabadu for making the final product for me
If I've forgotten anyone... I'm sorry!  Let me know and I'll fix my thank you speech.


  1. Yay! Huge conGARTS :D Can a guildie with the Firelands legendary staff mount you while transformed, like a double decker dragon?

  2. Yay! You look lovely, Although all my alts are working real hard on it I think it will be a few weeks before I catch up with you!

  3. @Rio - no that doesn't work :P
    @TotA - look forward to seeing yours so we can be twins!

  4. Wonderful! That is epic indeed!

  5. Woot woot gratz again navi :)


  6. Grats Navi! Didn't Nabe help you out too?

  7. Fantastic!! You look awesome :)

  8. @souglyy - yay Ty!
    @fueghan - crap! Added, sorry nabe! I even dragged him out of D3 and everything...
    @dragonray - Ty! Woot I love achievements and this mount is cool!

  9. Gratz Navi!!
    I love this mount it's a lifesaver for the hubby and I since we do almost everything together. It was such a sweet idea from Blizzard.

  10. @Pando - And! Even better now since it will be account wide!!!

  11. Now go carry some unfortunate friend.
    Fly high high high...
    the change to fligth form
    Look down
    take screen shot of friend falling....


  12. @Ksret - Volunteering? :D You can slow fall you know...


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