Random silly thoughts on captcha

Ok, well I thought it was funny...

I was reading Redbeard's blog Parallel context, in particular his post about Talk to the Hand, Bub.  Which is about BG trolls yelling crap at people and saying how awful everyone ise, even if we are winning a game.  Familiar story?  Well, yes.  Nice to know Alliance has their share of morons too.

Anyway, the thing that made me giggle was not the content of that post, but rather, when I went to leave a comment.

The captcha gave me this to write...

4 titizen

And I could not stop laughing.  I mean, seriously, what kind of images do you conjure up with titizen??

Ok, well was I the ONLY person who thought of large breasted citizens???

I'm sure the words are totally random in these captcha things but I remember I also had this once

23 pokeyour

And that sent me into gales of laughter too.  Ah... dirty mind yes.  I will stop writing rubbish now.


  1. to free pokeyour 4 titizens...
    hee hee

  2. I was once trying to download an album by a band I used to really like but grew uninterested in, I got the captcha "was listener" heh.

  3. If only you could draw in these comments, then I'd show you what I was thinking Navi. ;)


  4. I keep meaning to save the good ones and always forget. They are usually words that aren't words but seem like they should be but mine weren't as sexy as yours are, lol!

  5. I have a dirty mind, too, Navi. We are in a club called WoW Players, I believe. There is no help.

  6. @Tout - LOL
    @Rioriel - how appropriate! :D But such a clean captcha there Rio :)
    @Ayelena - I bet!
    @TotA - I think I just have a dirty mind!
    @Matty - I think I'm just a dirty old lady /grin

  7. Dirty mind? Clean it up with Orbitz!

  8. @Arvash - I googled Orbitz and it's some online travel company or a non carbonated fruit beverage...

    1. Lol! My bad, I meant to type Orbit.


    2. @Arvash - Sheesh! Americans!


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