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I saw Cymre's excellent how to take better screenshots post, and it reminded me when I first found it - I had seen it on Mana Obscura's post 2 years ago (and ringing Cymre and saying OMG did you know that you could change your screenshots resolution??).  I was happy Cym posted it again to share with that new forum link - I still have the old post bookmarked on my desktop but now I can remove it since I can look at it again on her blog.

So to clean up my own bookmarks, I thought I'd share this link that I often refer to when I'm making my movies in Sony Vegas.  I originally got the link from Beruthiel I think, but for the life of me I can't find it on her blog (I searched and searched but not sure where I read it).  But there was a link to this forum in Premonition's Guild site, which has all the things I needed since I also use Sony Vegas, and it's great for getting your video to high res on Youtube.  It's a little outdated now since Sony Vegas is up to version 11, but all the info is still the same, but where to find things is a little different.  Remember, this is only my noobie guide to it, I am by no means an expert at video editing!

The main thing is that you have to get the height down to a number that is divisible by 16 or Youtube modifies it and it looks like crap and it's blurry.  So 1072 is the number.

So when you're getting ready to write your movie, under the Project menu, Render As (or Make Movie, I find does the same thing)

I choose Sony tablet 1080p because the other settings are too low.  And then I click Customize Template.

Then you get this window.  Adjust the height to 1072 (if you're Frapsing in 1920x1080) and the frame rate needs to be 30 or less - for some reason mine doesn't have the option to say 30 so I just choose this bizarre NTSC preselected number.  Youtube doesn't take a framerate more than 30 anyway.  Set it to a contant bitrate as well, the Premonition guild guide uses 10,000,000 so I just do that.

I'm not going to talk about the finer details of video making because I'm not good at that, but this will get you the great looking HD video for Youtube in Sony Vegas.  Phew!  Another spring clean done of my bookmarks!  Thank god for blogging - I can store all my bookmarks here!

So if Aza is reading this - this is what I do!  It's really hard trying to explain it over vent or in guild chat :)


  1. I know! to show you where my priorities are that link to Mana Obscura's post has made it through three different computers! I may have lost files, screen shots and other stuff but I still have that link, lol.

  2. @TotA - I am glad I wasn't the only one! Someone at least remembers that old post :) and lol I have it on all my browsers!


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