Pimp my Tout - Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps

Everyone is busy trying to turn Gurthalak into something else, Tout wants me to make a mog that will go with Gurthalak!  I was lazy and didn't make a tauren male, so I just used Navimie's model to make something for it.  Which was pretty cool because I got to dress her like a warrior!

Gurthalak, is a fiery cored weapon that fits in with a lot of the T13 Deathwing stuff.  So I used the undercurrents of orange and red as the basis for my outfit.

Helm: Helm of Blazing Glory
Shoulders: Stormforged Shoulders
Chest: Ruthless Gladiator's Plate Chestpiece (S10 unfortunately is no longer available!)
Gloves: Stormforged Gauntlets
Waist: Acherus Knight's Girdle
Legs: Sky Strider Greaves
Boots: Protectors of Life
Cloak: Haunt of Flies

Now I have to look for a replacement chest!  I'll get on that later :)  At least I've got a farming list started for Tout :)

Edit: Battleplate of Ancient Kings (heroic) is not bad, and Stormforged Breastplate is ok too (though not my favourite but easy to get though)


  1. that looks awesome Nav :) Thank you muchly!

    I'm interested to see how it fits Tout's Male tauran !

  2. @Tout - I'm glad you like /hug - but I need to work on that chest...
    @Cate - TY Cate :D


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