Pathetic and scared

You know, I have one weakness.  It's pathetic really.  And no, Akabeko, it's not my love of Romance Novels, because I don't consider that a weakness.  It's a passion...hahaha get it?  Ahem, ok, what was I saying?

I don't like scary things.  I HATE being scared.

And I'm not talking about being terrified like I was earlier this week.  I can't watch scary movies.  I am the most pathetic person you would ever take to watch those sorts of things.  I would be covering my eyes, screaming at scary bits, jumping and yelping at bits which are meant to startle you - in fact, me being scared and screaming is more startling than the movies themselves, I've been told.  So I avoid them like the plague.

So it seems odd in the last 2 days people are playing some kind of trick on me.  There are things everywhere scaring me.

I decided to visit Tish Tosh Tesh, because I hear lots of good things about that blog, and I never get around to going there.  And the post I end up reading is called Naught to Fear but Horror Itself, which is about - you guessed it - horror movies.  And Tesh asked this:
What would a horror film look like if there were no gore, no monsters, and most importantly, no death?
Well I pondered that a lot.  But horror movies focus a lot on what humans fear - we fear death, isolation, blood, pain, monsters... so how do you make a horror movie beyond that?  I would have to think we'd be going into the deep dark ugly depths of the human psyche at its worst to see horror I guess.  What humans would or could do when push came to shove.  Eating your dog (See, I can see Ancient cringing right there!) because you're starving and your dog wants to eat you so it's who kills first, or having to make the choice to kill your mother or your father to save the planet, or something equally ridiculous like that.

Anyway, that made me start thinking about horror movies and I had difficulty sleeping last night because of that.

Today, I decided to visit my friend Ancient and this picture was on her latest post...

No, I can't post it.  I can't have scary things like that on my blog.  You can click here and look at it.  Anyway, I wasn't expecting that, and yes, I know people will say that it's not even that bad, but for someone of poor constitution like myself, I was startled.  My head hurts now because of the consequence of being startled, but thank goodness it was the back of my head not the front.  The occipital lobe at the back of my head controls vision, so maybe I'll just go blind and not see scary pictures anymore.  If I hit the front of my head, which is the frontal lobe (oddly enough, heh), that's where all my self control and inhibitions (and some personality) so I might have ended up a different person who could have happily watched horror movies.  Anyway, I'm wandering... I'll  blame hitting my head.

So then I thought I might go read about some silly thing, like her latest guild antics or something, and visited Matty, and her latest post was talking about creepy undead zombie things with sound effects and imagery...

...worms feasted on him cut cut cut humping death the smell sweet gassed corpse flowers blooming shovel blades cut cut cut...
It's night time now, and I've turned all the lights on, and I'm trying NOT to imagine zombies outside staring at me through my window, because I can't close my blinds, and nobody had better sneak up behind me and talk to me because I swear to God I will scream.

Thanks a LOT everyone. /grumble  I see another sleepless night coming on.  I guess I should be glad I'm not Home Alone.


  1. I remember you used to hold my hand watching the X-files. I think we used to psych each other out waiting for the suspenseful bits to happen. Come to think of it, isn't that how you broke my bowl?

    And Tome's image creeped me out too. I nearly didn't read the post.

  2. @Cymre - OMG yes! I dropped the bowl because I got scared, gosh, you see how clumsy I am when I'm scared!

    1. I still like the joke we played on Dody :P

  3. I'm not really sure if you can make a true horror movie without monsters, gore and/or death. It would sort of become more thriller/drama if it was all mood/suspense/psychological.

    If you're villain/threat hasn't been visually established as truely menacing then there isn't really a sense of forboding or terror when it makes its appearance, and it if it repeatedly fails to do anything then I think it never really enters horror territory.

    Even in your own example of the dog or parents, death is still a part of your ideas.

    Think of that Tom Hanks movie Castaway - it deals with isolation, hopelessness, desperation/insanity, losing absolutely everything you have & having to fight for your survival every single day etc. all of which are some pretty scary prospects, but would you ever consider that a horror movie? I certainly wouldn't.

    I think the original question is akin to asking "How would you make a comedy without any jokes whatsoever?".

    1. How would you make a comedy without any jokes whatsoever?

      Not sure how they did it, but an example would be Meet the Spartans.

    2. That is effing hilarious.

    3. Ahem. Blair Witch Project.

      I suppose there is some 'death' in it, but it's all off-screen ... I guess it's a mild non-horror movie we could recommend to Navi then? :p

    4. @Sevrus - I can't watch Blair Witch. That shaky cam filming technique drives me bananas. I get seasick. I don't know how people can watch those! And I've watched a little bit. And it kinda has monsters in it and death! Well the idea of a monster!

  4. @fue - you're right I don't think you can have horror without gore, death and monsters.
    @tacky - I haven't seen that...

  5. Oh no! It's like a conspiracy that we didn't even know we were in! Frighten poor Navi! Sorry, my next post (that I can't finish now because I have to go to a birthday celebration) has a big face, not that scary though so be ready, don't bump your head again.

    One of the most horrifying movies to me was I Am Legend, the part where his dog gets the plague, his only companion. Every time I see that part I think, nope, that's it, that's were I'd lose it and run screaming off a bridge or something!

  6. I'm a total wimp about stuff like that, too. Suspense I can handle, but horror? No thanks.

  7. It's cause your girls and you need us big strong blokes to keep you safe. I can look under you bed for the boogie man if your still scared Navi.

    I love horror movies, especially sci fi horror, like Event Horizon.


  8. So Navi, since I seem to have a knack for creepy sh*t, should I put a warning label on all my spookier, creepier stories from here on out? Kind of like a beta warning, but instead, boogie man label? I"m gigglig at Ayelena's bloke comment, and in my head say this in an Aussie accent: "Oy, you there! Dunt be skirred, sheila!" Sorry. Couldn't help myself!

  9. Here you go sweetie:

  10. @TotA - No need to apologise! It probably wouldn't even be news if the horrors didn't happen in 3s! If it was on it's own I probably would have sucked it up. And maybe if I'd read the post during the day.
    @Kamalia - You see? Great minds /grin
    @Ayelena - LOL Ayel, you crack me up :D
    @Matty - TY for the awesome helm! And no you don't have to put warnings, I had them all happen at once that's why and I was already pre-scared so it was easy to keep scaring me.

  11. Loving romance novels is no weakness! It is a GIFT from the literary gods. Speaking of which I haven't read a new one in a while, hmm.

    I'm terrible with horror too. Watching The Ring messed me up for AGES especially when I had to wake up before sunrise and prepare for high school alone...and the TV was there in the living room....*screaming*

    1. @Akabeko - I agree, Romance novels are not a weakness! So I love romance, who doesn't? :) Ah, someone who understands! :D
      I haven't seen the Ring. I can't even watch Scream, Freddy, Friday 13th or any of those cheap B grade horrors. I watched Sixth Sense and though it was a great movie I slept with the lights on for a week with some soothing happy music in the background (Disney is awesome!). That's how pathetic I am.


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