Saturday, June 16, 2012

New rares this week

Getting harder and harder to find new rares these days.  My wish list is narrowing down to dungeon rares now!  Though there are still a couple here and there I'd like to get pics of...

At long last, I found the Lost One Chieftain.  I was getting a little tired of seeing the Lost One Cook all the time.

Roshii sent me this pic of Mobus alive!  Yay!  I would love to see Mobus in the pixel one day.


  1. o_O

    I wish I had known that. I've seen that thing countless times. I remember the very first time, and knew nothing about Mobus, I attacked him with Tumunzahar.

    Not my finest decision.

  2. @JD - LOL feeling a little... ambitious were we? :P

  3. Glad you found the other Lost One finally.

  4. @cymre - thanks! Now all these dungeon ones to collect...


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