My dirty (Alliance) secret...

I go on and on about how I don't have alts.  Well, the truth is, I don't like to PLAY alts, but I do have a highish level alt.  And ... it's on Alliance.  I have mentioned her briefly, in passing, before.

Gosh!  Shock horror!  But why, Navi? I hear you say.  I'll tell you the story of my alliance character.

Back in the day when there was no realID, when you got the cranky pants, you just logged and hid somewhere.  I made a character on another server, on another faction, where nobody could find me.  And I had to think what I wanted to play.

When you're pissed off you just want to smash stuff.  So healing was out.

And I don't like being in melee.  I can't see anything except feet and bums and the ground.  So no ret pallies, rogues or warriors.

What about DK's I hear you ask?  Well, I did say it was BEFORE RealID... which means I made my character back in BC.

So that left casters.  And I thought about who is really cool in a raid, and who do I want to be like?  The answer seemed obvious.

So I chose a mage.

And being BC,  I had to choose a new race!  So I  made a sexy little draenei.  And I made it with HK, since he was the recipient of most of my whinging those days.  He decided to make a shaman.

Female draeneii (what IS the plural of Draenei?) are hot.  Males.... yeah, not so much.  And I like her because she have a tail.  I'm used to having a tail, playing a tauren all the time.

Back then, the only mage whom I was close to was this mage called Broth.  And he was frost.  So I thought ok, I'll do that.  So my little mage, has only ever tried frost and runs around like a noob.  I would forget to put barrier on all the time, I'd just go pulling agro and forget to nova and blizzard groups of mobs (I needed a day of practicing how to do that, I was so noobie), but the thing I got the most fun out of my mage was blinking.  And I like having barrier.  I wish I had a shield on my druid, but then I wouldn't be much different from a priest then I suppose.  And I like making sheep.  CCs are COOL.

Making food and drink, omg what a chore.  Thank god for those tables they have now, back then when mages had to make food for everyone, it would have taken ages.  The other thing I don't like about my mage is all this cast time and standing around.  I'm used to instant casts.  Maybe if I play a warlock it might be different, I don't know.

When RealID came, I stopped playing my mage.  I didn't want anyone to know she existed.  I hardly touched her for the longest time.  And I was too busy anyway, raiding, farming... and when I was cranky pants, I'd just log off. 

Now though, I have been playing her a little bit again.  Mostly when I don't feel like playing Navi, but then I feel guilty when I'm not on Navi farming, or doing her achievements or PvPing.  And I swear, every time I play my mage, I automatically click on healbot, and then remember I'm on my mage when nothing happens.  Whoops!

Broth (whom we all know now as Shabadu) busted me playing my mage the other day, and was surprised.  He gave me a pro tip, and I've been trying to practice it.  He told me to use my pet to freeze the targets then I can get a double hit from my frost spells with the Fingers of Frost thing.  I haven't even tried fire or arcane so I have no idea how to play those.  I just want to be a frost mage, because it's "cool".  LOL.

So now that I've been hanging out on RealID with some blog buddies my mage may get more attention.  And OMG, I will have to stop saying I have no alts.


  1. I'm proud of you Navi, for choosing the more noble class AND the coolest spec. I will be glad to have you as my understudy, and soon, you too will have the privilege of hurling fiery (or frozen) boulders at those dirty smelly warlocks.

    And guess what, my only other alt is a druid which I maxed out during wrath. And he's a healer too. Although I have only healed 5 mans. I quite enjoyed healing but did feel extremely noobish. Either way, great minds do think alike :)

    1. I couldn't agree more. When it comes to throwing rocks at random passersby, there is no better suited class than the mage. Truly it brings a gratified tear to the eye to watch them attempt to hurl their 'boulders', before dropping a curse of tongues and fearing them face-first into a wall.

      For other classes is the study of ancient, forgotten tomes in the crypts of fallen kings and titans. Mages are a simpler people, intended for roles such as cooking and transportation.

      As warlocks we often forget the humble joy of playing with water, or looking dewy eyed into a candle flame and proclaiming it 'magic', but our dear mage brethren never have, and we should admire them for this 'special' approach to magic.

    2. Here here Sev. I agree.


    3. Sev, not you too... Like the true afflock that you are, all of this mage hate is slowly draining my hp down. All I can say is "Shabadu casts counterspell on Sevrus", "Shabadu freezes Bhee'tom in ring of frost", "Shabadu polymorphs Sevrus", "Shabadu ice blocks to remove all dots" and "Shabadu blinks away and casts invisibility" leaving Sevrus eating grass. Even though you're a dirty warlock, I won't harm a team mate.

  2. So maybe you have AN alt... by you still don't "have alts" the way *I* Have Alts :P

    She's lovely -- and Mages of any spec are tons of fun.

    1. Or me Kamalia!, Alts implies ... well, until you have seen the message saying you can't create another toon on ANY realm ... you don't have alts :D

    2. @Saunder - I don't think I could have as many alts as either of you two at this point in time, even if I played 100 years of WoW...

  3. Well you know I have an alliance alt (frost mage too) called Lanabeth, as I've sent you a heap of rare pics from that toon. Don't hide it like it's something shameful, brag about it Navi.


  4. I wouldn't feel ashamed by having an Alliance Alt...I started this game as a NE hunter >.< (still have her too!) or having any alt for that matter.

    Yeah its hard to "disappear" with REAL ID, but I usually go to panda land on my lvling monk for a bit lol

  5. I'm not shocked by an alt or by an Alliance alt, but a Mage! Oh no, my Warlocks are crying and now my level 53 bank alt Mage is bugging me to take her out of retirement which would only mean certain death for her for sure!

  6. I was asking my buddy the other day who is the most badass: locks, mages or shadow priests. This is like asking how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. The world may never know. And from I can tell in my lowboe state there is little that feels instant about a lock compared to my enh shammy!

  7. Ps be careful when you put dirty and Draenei in the same post....

  8. Fun tip? Take that Frost Mage into the land of PvP. Man, do opposing players not like you...

  9. @Shab - Well, you always knew I thought you were pretty cool - especially after that 2 degrees of separation discovery!
    @Sevrus - picking on the poor mage tsk tsk!
    @Kamalia - True, nowhere near the alts like you have (and she is sorely sorely neglected, not cherished and pampered and dressed like yours) but I hope to rectify that in the future.
    @Ayelena - it's not that I'm ashamed exactly... I am for the Horde! And I have always said that I couldn't level an alt, and I sorta did but I don't really play her properly. So the untruth about having no alts was the dirty secret.
    @Faithy - I'm only ashamed that I have an alt that I forgot about, and I said I had no alts :)
    @Mab - oops busted!
    @TotA - I think your mage is outnumbered!
    @Matty - Hmm, that might explain why this post has an unusually high amount of traffic.
    @JD - the idea was to PvP with her, since she is frost. But I need more time...


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