Murphy's Law - things are always cheaper after you buy them

Well, I spent a lot of dough on my Vial of the Sands.  So yesterday when I saw someone hocking it in trade chat for 20k gold I thought it was a joke.  I asked the person if he was serious - he said it was.  I checked to make sure it wasn't a level 1 toon (god forbid I'm supporting the account hacking trade) - it was an 85 toon from Shift, one of the top guilds on the server.  So, I thought ok, that's too cheap to pass up, I must buy it. 

So I did.

And who was the lucky recipient?  My dear friend Lushnek :)  Thanks for letting me use your toon to herb and mine when I need it :)


  1. OMG!!! You are such a lovely person navimie!!! Grats to the Lush :)

  2. Nice catch! Haven't seen one that low myself but I'd have snagged it too!

  3. Aren't the vendor mats more than that?

  4. @dragonray - I owe him anyway :D
    @Youyankit - I agree, that price was outrageous!
    @Anon - yes they were like 27k. I dunno why it was so cheap


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