Monday PvP

I logged on today, and was hoping to see Shab and Sev for some arena or PvP, but they weren't on.  Az was, however.  So I asked him if he would play with me... :P

So Az took pity on me and we did a BG together.  And it started out a bit slow.  There was a DK who was running the flag and then he capped it so we thought cool, we're going to go somewhere in this BG.  Then our FC got the second flag and me and Az thought we'd go and kill the alliance FC, and while we were running up the tunnel, our FC got owned and dropped the flag.  Az and I were like "OMG we have to get the flag!"  and I did a stampeding roar to get us there faster and Az grabbed the flag just as the hunter FC jumped down to cap.  I started to run and Az said "Kill him Navi!" and we killed him and Az returned the flag, phew!  Then Az went to tunnel, and said "Whoops, not going that way," and turned to go out top side, and I was heading to graveyard and saw red out there so I ran back in and we passed each other, and I said "Where are you going??"  So he turned and ran back to the tunnel and I said "I thought you said you weren't going tunnel??"
"You said where are you going so I went back!"
"Ok, ok quick let's get out of here!"  So off we went down tunnel, with Az fearing and seducing people as we went down to get them off our backs.  We raced down the field but I was getting feared, CC'd, stunned, and so was Az, but he was getting a few heals from the field I think.  Az kept coming back to save me and seduce and fear people off, which was so cool.  We were almost at our tunnel and he was at less than 20% health as I had been feared so far away I was sprinting to him to save him and I used NS and HT to get him back up and it healed him for a HUGE amount!  Then both of us were getting smacked by rogues or something and slowed, so I tree formed and tried my damned hardest to keep Az alive, and he made it, and we got rid of all the alliance on us... we ran past the alcove, "NO BOOTS!!! SHIT!" said Az, and I quickly shifted to cat and gave us another stampeding roar and we piss bolted to the flag and BANG CAP!  OMG, it was a truly exciting flag run that one!

So we won that WSG woot!  By then Sev and Shaba were online and Az and I were on such a high we babbled about that for about 2 minutes and then all 4 of us decided to do some BGs.

It was a good lot of BGs.  We only lost one, and that one was a WSG which was starting out good, and the other team was mucking around a bit because someone with Warglaives was attacking me.  The paladin had a good idea to start, engage everyone in the middle while he ran along and flag carried - that worked the first time.  There were 2 druids healing at first, me and this other guy who seemed pretty good, and then he left and the game started to go downhill - or that it could be that the other team actually started to try to kill us.  An annoying rogue was whinging about us playing like idiots, and about not having healers, and I was irritated because if he bothered to look at what was going on, he would realise that everytime I rezzed there would be 3 people on me as I was trying to get to an FC, or to the midfield so I wasn't getting very far!  We had the game at 2 each for a while, but it was going to be their win because they had the last flag cap and we ended up timing out with a win to them.  Even then, it was a challenging game, and I enjoyed it even though I was being farmed.  Solo healing in BGs FTL!!!

Me and Shab got a WSG achievement too.  Don't know how we got it as we weren't in the flagroom...

The rest were quite good.  We had a few AB wins and a Gilneas win.  I was super excited at one stage because I had as many killing blows as Sev (grand total of 3! LOL) halfway through an AB!  Though of course, that was Sev being a bit sour at a pally who kept running away from healing him after Sev had managed to control the DPSers at a node.... Shab and Sev had their usual grumble (ie Sev grumbles because Shab polys someone Sev had fully dotted up, and ends up removing all their dots with his sheep).
I think Monday nights should always be PvP night.  I'm telling Fue next expansion when we start raiding.