Pimp my Fue - Getting carried away

Male BE paladins are hard, I think, to mog. Firstly there is always that effeminate tone you have to break them out of, and then you have to make them look masculine and not... metrosexual.

So, I decided to try my hand at mogjacking our dear guild leader.

Fue picked up the Bulwark of Smouldering Steel on Wednesday and wanted to use it to transmog his Blackhorn shield.  I didn't think the Blackhorn shield looked that bad TBH, but even when I said to Nabe (Fue's brother) about trying to mog a suit to match that shield, he said that the Warmaster sheild was really ugly.  Maybe I just have no taste in shields... or maybe Tasmanians have a warped sense of fashion.

So when I was browing around, I found a few things in the Paladin repertoire that are quite cool.  Firstly, this season's Cataclysmic Gladiator's stuff for Paladins looks amazing.  I love it.  I love that Hermes asymmetrical look with the wings and stuff.  And that's a problem, because I like it, does that mean if I dress Fue in it he looks... metrosexual?

I want those shoulders... they look damn awesome.  Anyway.  You see my problem that shield is a funny thing.  Grey with an orange skull.  Not easy to match things to it.  Unless I dress him orange.

Nabe said he had a Skullflame shield lying around somewhere.  Now that's a nice shield!  So I decided to play with that a little bit.  Except... I got carried away with the whole superhero thing and I made Fue look like Hawkman...

NO wait, he's gladiator Loki!

Anyway, enough with the silliness.  I know Fue.  He likes things simple.  And not too much flesh showing... so here's a simple enough mog for him with Skullflame shield.  Though he can change the hat if he doesn't like it, I just wanted to make him look like a superhero :D

Though Judgement crown doesn't look half bad either :P

Head: Judgement Crown
Shoulder: Immolation Shoulderguards (378)
Chest: Chestplate of the Steadfast
Gloves: Gauntlets of Living Obsidium
Belt: Lightbringer Girdle
Legs: Legplates of  Frenzied Devotion
Boots: Cataclysmic Gladiator's Boots of Alacrity - oops I just realised he can't get these.  Maybe Bladed Steelboots would be better - black boots with a skull on them!  Badass!
Main hand: Volcanospike (378)
Shield: Skullflame Shield


  1. Tasmanians have a warped sense of fashion. Hey Hey you cant say that Navi, we have heaps of fashionable people here like ah um, ok ok.

    But that shield just doesn't really match the other pally things from the raid I guess is part of it :P


  2. Holy paladins are the only easy pally to transmog. They look fine in a plate dress. A for the rets and prots there isn't much tough looking armour that isn't all skully and evil looking(completely wrong pally image). Personally I like the last image you posted. The most clothed not evil looking one haha.

  3. I think the last one's my favorite, it makes him look more ominous somehow.

  4. Love the colors on all of these! I think the penultimate one is my favorite. The sword you've chosen to go with the ICC shield in the first shot is absolutely perfect!

  5. I reckon Fue should go with the Hawkman look, it's awesome.


  6. @Nabe/Bel - Yeah, it's more a warrior shield I guess that DS shield! I just realised there are fashionable people from Tassie - Princess Mary!
    @ManaM - I agree, holy pallies can wear dresses (I believe they prefer the term cassock) and they don't have to look all badass.
    @TotA - I bet Fue prefers the last one too!
    @Kamalia - TY :) I don't know if he would actually go for that look, but I can always hope.
    @Ayelena - I think it's pretty cool but Fue might think it's kinda... metro.


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