Moggers on the streets of Dath

I came across Byakuyasama in TB, and then we went together to WG.  And he had a few sets to show off.  I like that plate face mask.
And look at Pufflle's latest set!  You might remember Pufflle from the Dath'remar transmog contest, and this witch costume of hers is fantastic!  The Feline Familiar is the best accessory for it!

This Silvermoon Blood Elf look looks great.  Matching title and everything!

Scary DKs!  I like purple though.


  1. You Dath people are sure stylish. I never see anyone worth a screen shot on my server but it could be the time I'm on.

    Love Pufflle's witch!

  2. Oooo! Those are all great. I especially like Pufflle's set and cat accessory! Hehe, I wish I could get my rl cats to match what I'm wearing... grumble grumble

  3. @TotA - that's because Cat onless lets you look at human MALES!
    @Euphy - LOL at your RL cats comment :D


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