Moggers on the street - LFD Xephion

I was on my achievement hunt, and I thought maybe I'd get lucky in a dungeon, there are still a few I need from the Well of Eternity ones.

I wandered into the Azshara one, and we had a DK, a hunter, a warlock, myself and a warrior tank.  The warrior asked who can interrupt, and the DK said nothing of his worked, the warlock said no, and the hunter hadn't been there before.  The warrior promptly left group.  The we got a DK tank.  He said "There are no interrupts here," and left.  Oooook....Then we got a bear tank.  He said he would do the interrupts, since we couldn't.  And at that time, I think people had no idea what they were hitting and mobs were everywhere and no mob was focussed down.  So that was the end of bear tank... and then along came the paladin.  She said she would take care of interrupts, and then it went down a whole lot better.  And after that the tank reminded me... if you have agro, run to the tank.  Whoops.

And then I noticed that the tank, was wearing some rather spiffy transmog.  We were all night elves, but I looked her up and she was a female blood elf - of course she had to be, to get away with that gear.  It was slut plate, but nicely accessorised with a red sword and shield (from Ulduar).


  1. Nice story, but there is no way she could have been a BE. For one, these pictures are obviously those of a NE, it's impossible to group with someone from the opposite faction, and that hair style is only available to a NE. *Sigh*

    1. Ah, but we were in Well of Eternity, where we all get turned into a night elves! Hence why we look like NE :)

    2. Can I vote down comments here?


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