Minipost: McTacky the Black Crusader

I've totally forgotten what name Tacky gave this set.  But I think he looks rather dashing, and that shield and tabard look absolutely fantastic.  Now, did he choose that pet to match his flaming sword I wonder??

Edit:  Here he is with a better title!


  1. He's a very good looking blood knight!

  2. Actually I had the phoenix out to match the shield & tabard of the Blood Knights.

    But I do admit the fire of the bird and sword do link well.

    Gear wise it is mostly Dark Iron gear except the Faceguard of Determination for the helm. Shield is Blood Knight Defender. Sword is the Horseman's Sinister Saber. Tabard is Blood Knight Tabard.

    1. Oh forgot the belt. Avenger's Waistguard. Azalpha helped me for a couple of hours to get Halaa Battle Token to buy that belt so big thanks to Aza again!

  3. Awesome looking set, nice job!

  4. Oh my, he looks so good Druid was asking me about server transfers. I told her she'd have to change to Tauren to do it so I think McTacky is safe, she doesn't want to give up her lovely ears, lol.

  5. Gurdrid is essentially wearing that set, but with a different shield and belt; and she carries a mace, so a different weapon there. She doesn't have any good pets for it, though.


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